Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Young Photographers Alliance Mentor Program

Hello from YPA,

We wanted to notify you that we have extended our deadline for accepting applications for our mentoring program until this Saturday May 21 st .

We are still shy mentees in a few locations mainly the following –






San Diego


If you know of any young or emerging photographers who you think would benefit from this unique program we encourage you to reach out to them or send their contact information to us and we can reach out directly to them. Any and all suggestions are most welcome. We need at least 2-4 in each team location.

As a reminder, membership to YPA is a requirement to apply to the program. The membership titled “YPA 21” has a membership fee of $21. This fee includes access to programs such as the mentoring as well as to portfolio reviews, access to crucial industry standards information, to educational forums and focus groups, discounts to leading suppliers and organizations as well as advice and articles from pros in the industry and access to a member’s chat room. The membership is still evolving and will be officially launch next month. Details of the membership and its benefits can be found on our site.

This program will receive a lot of press regionally, nationally and even globally especially given we have teams in the UK, Thailand and Beijing. The benefits and experience these young photographers will receive will only add to their development as a young professional.

You have our sincerest appreciation for your time and efforts.

With kindest regards,

Deborah Free

Young Photographers Alliance (YPA)

9965 Leroy Pavilion Road

Pavilion , NY 14525



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