Sunday, May 31, 2015

Eduardo Angel's Essential Equipment List for Video & Still Production

The following is the text from an email I recently received from SCAD alumnus and Digital Distillery founder Eduardo Angel:

Hi Steve,
Students are constantly asking which video equipment to buy or rent. 
I finally found some time to create this lists with the most essential tools.

"Hybrid Assignments Equipment List: The Essential 41 Items"

Feel free to share the link if you consider it useful.

All the best,

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Toast To Pete Christman

To Pete and the SCAD Photography Community:

I had to leave your retirement celebration a bit early, but here is the toast I would have made had I stayed longer:

You are the soul of the Photo Department. 

Thirty-some years ago, when asked to help hire a new faculty member, you had the foresight, creativity, courage, and humility to deliberately seek out someone who was your complete opposite. That person turned out to be me, and for that I am forever grateful. 

You set the tone of diversity with collegiality in this department that thankfully persists to this day. Thanks Pete.

With gratitude,
Steve Mosch

Francisco Gonzalez. Exhibition

MFA Alumni Dan Saelinger

"Had a blast with Oprah Magazine creating these images for the O, Health Section out now. Behind-the-scenes shots show stylist Bekka Melino and Dan using liquid Nitrogen to freeze eggs for a conceptual fertility image." (see link below)

all images © Dan Saelinger

Michele Mobley

all images ©MicheleMobley

Photographs made in Jaclyn Cori Norman's elective course PHOTO 330: The Fabricated Image. Spring 2015

Isabella Morelli

© Isabella Morelli
photograph made in Jaclyn Cori Norman's Photography Foundations I
Spring 2015

Trice Megginson


Photograph made in Steve Mosch's Graduate level Photo 756 course: 
PHOT 756 - The Conceptual Landscape

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mary Ellen Mark changed the trajectory of my life...

I was newly out of undergraduate school with a B.A. in English/ minor in Photography. Mary Ellen was invited to speak at my alma mater Penn State, a lecture not to be missed. She had recently completed her "Streetwise" book. My former professors insisted that I come and invited me to a graduate class portfolio review. "And just in case," they said, "bring your own work... you never know"

Well, at the very end, when there was still some time left, and her back was turned, I placed my 2 portfolios on the table. One was my school art work. The other my photojournalism. I was earning a living as a newspaper photographer (and feeling quite unfulfilled I might add).

When she turned around she assumed the portfolios belonged to 2 different people. When I shyly spoke up and told her they were both mine she ruthlessly shred the photojournalism work to pieces. "You have no idea about the worth of your vision... Your work must be your work... get to Graduate School"

And here I am now, a Photography Professor at SCAD with 21 years of enthralling commitment. I found my worth. I have shown her work in nearly every class I have taught. I continue to make and show the fine art photographs that delight, infuse and enthuse me. I understand and value my personal photographic vision and how that fuels my dedication to teaching. My vocation and avocation are the epitome of "your work should be your work".

Decades later I did have the fortunate opportunity to express my gratitude. Sadly she passed away last Monday. I have a hole in my heart.

The moral of the story: go to every lecture; go to every portfolio review; appreciate criticism... you never know!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

alumnus: Eli Schmidt

OTTE NY presents a show of Eli Schmidt's photography from over 10 seasons of fashion week in New York and Europe.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Alumni benefits

Alumni benefits

At SCAD, our relationship with you — and our commitment to you — doesn’t end when you graduate. SCAD alumni exhibit work in our galleries, contribute to our innovative product lines and share insights with students. As an alumni, you can continue to use the extensive array of career services SCAD provides.

Career resources: Tools for success

Career resources: Tools for success

As the University for Creative Careers, SCAD is dedicated to helping students and alumni succeed in their chosen fields. The office for career and alumni success helps you find internships, provides you with job-search assistance, and offers extensive resources to match you with your dream job.

Ninety-seven percent employment rate

A recent study found that 97 percent of alumni respondents reported being employed, pursuing further education or both within 10 months of graduation.

Prepare for a bright future

SCAD specializes in preparing students for outstanding creative careers. Our alumni have gone on to work for some of the biggest companies, the best clients and the most influential names in their industries.
Watch story after story of successful and talented SCAD alumni working in the real world.

Learn more about other successful SCAD alumni

SCAD alumni live and work around the world and often return to discuss their careers with our students. Hear from other successful SCAD alumni:

Network with Fellow Alumni in Your Area

With over twenty alumni groups worldwide, networking is only a few clicks away.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

vote for our Liz Cara


Please see the link and vote for our Liz Cara in this award
Elizabeth is a photographer and writer originally from Detroit but based out of Savannah, GA with an emphasis on landscape and architecture. She has explored the American landscape extensively and has lived in Miami, New York and Hong Kong. Her work explores topics of isolation, separation, quietness and a found solitude in unexpected places, specifically in dense urban centers.

After voting, please add an original constructive comment. Elizabeth Cara needs 100 votes and 100 original comments in order to be eligible for the Vox Populi Prize.


kick starter: alumna Blake Shell
Support artists directly with costs associated with making work for exhibition, and produce a catalogue for every exhibition.

SPE's 2016 National Conference, Constructed Realities.


Just over two weeks remain to submit a presentation proposal for SPE's 2016 National Conference, Constructed RealitiesProposals from member photographers, writers, educators, curators, historians, and professionals from other fields will be considered.

Next year's theme will address the aspects of myth, fantasy, and reality in photography and deconstruct rhetoric of what constitutes a photograph.

Topics are not required to be theme-based and may include but are not limited to imagemaking, history, contemporary theory and criticism, multidisciplinary approaches, new technologies, effects of media and culture, educational issues, funding, and presentations of work in photography, film, video, performance, and installation.

Graduate Student - short presentation of your own artistic work and a brief introduction to your graduate program (must be enrolled in graduate program at time of submission)

Imagemaker - presentation on your own artistic work
Lecture - presentation on historical topic, theory, or another artist's work
Panel Discussion - active discussion among panelists (max 4), moderator, and audience to discuss a chosen topic
Teaching & Learning - presentations, workshops, or demos that address educational issues, including teaching resources and strategies 

Submission Deadline: JUNE 1, 2015, 11:59 PM EDT
Visit for full details.

Lacoste Fall 2015 with Professor Tim Keating

Monday, May 18, 2015

Making the Move to Los Angeles

Making the Move to Los Angeles Virtual Workshop
Saturday, June 13
3 p.m. ET

SCAD Connect
Moving to Los Angeles and looking for a job? Join CAS and connect virtually with alumni currently working in L.A. for tips on relocating and strategies for success.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Art Directors' Day Presentation

Art Directors' Day Presentation
Monday, May 18
5-7:30 p.m.
Arnold Hall

SCAD's illustration department presents the first annual Art Directors' Day. Please join us for presentations and panel discussions with art directors from the publishing, advertising, editorial and visual development markets.

Art directors participating include:

    * Gregory DiBisceglie, Creative Director & Special Events, Macy’s
    * Abby Ferretti, Art Director, Johns Hopkins
    * Deborah Kaplan, Executive Art Director, Penguin Group USA
    * Steven Charny, Creative Director, Topix Media Lab
    * Brian Thompson, Studio Art Director, Big Fish Games

They will discuss current industry trends, expectations and portfolio standards. A Q-and-A session will follow the panel discussion.

Lacoste deadline for the Fall 2015 quarter has been extended!

Want to find out more about SCAD Lacoste? Attend one of our interest meetings in Savannah this quarter:

Tuesday, May 19 // 2:00 - 3:00 // Jen Library, Room 100
Friday, May 22 // 11:00 - 12:00 // Jen Library, Room 100
Tuesday, May 26 // 2:00 - 3:00 // Jen Library, Room 100

Not in the Savannah area? Feel free to reach out to us by phone at (912) 525-4786 or via email at to schedule a one-on-one information session. 

SCAD Lacoste | FALL 2015 Application and Timeline Overview
SCAD students have the unique opportunity in Lacoste to live, learn and create art in the rural bucolic beauty of Lacoste, a supportive environment rich with culture and history. The campus facilities are located in Provence, France and encompass a preserved medieval village including a meticulously restored 11 c. farmhouse. All students live in SCAD residence facilities and dine in one of our two dining halls.
Not only are students immersed in the Provencal French culture, landscape and artistry, but opportunities abound for them to walk in history’s footsteps o to nearby destinations such as Nimes, Aix-en-Provence and Saint Remy, through many travel-oriented classes on offer through the SCAD Lacoste program each quarter. Planned trips for all participants in the SCAD Lacoste program include 4 nights and five day excursion to Paris, as well as two Friday all-campus day-trips to nearby towns or cities in the Provence region.
Coursework is slightly different than SCAD’s other campuses with classes being offered at an accelerated 8-week pace with firsthand experiences through on-site learning. Faculty coursework is geared to a collaborative and communal learning experience, which alumni of the program often account as the most impactful of their careers at SCAD. At the end of each quarter, students have an opportunity to exhibit and sell their work by taking part in an international exhibition from start to finish.
Considerations for the SCAD Lacoste program are limited to students who are in good standing with the University. Additionally, GPA, faculty references, class standing and seat availability in courses are factors for acceptance. Students currently enrolled at SCAD have priority, however non-SCAD students may apply. Students must complete the application in its entirety for acceptance, and have course selection sign-off from their student success or graduate adviser via an advising confirmation form. Students will be prompted by the application system to upload this form.
Program Fee .............................................................................................................................................. $6450
Covers housing, meals, two all-campus excursions, 5 days 4 nights Paris excursion, site visits fees, ground transportation on arrival and departure days, transportation for academic field trips. Current scholarships and financial aid may apply. Participants responsible for all personal expenses, supplies, and lunch and dinner during the Paris excursion International Emergency Insurance........................................................................................................... $80
SCAD undergraduate tuition is $3830 per course; see your student success adviser for an academic and financial overview SCAD Graduate tuition is $3925 per course; see your graduate adviser for an academic and financial overview
Each program participant can arrange his/her own flight to and from Europe or have SCAD handle such travel arrangements; estimated cost ranges from $1400 - $2200. Student who book travel through SCAD will receive a minimum charge of $1750 (based on a Savannah or Atlanta departure). Travel policies are
SCAD Lacoste | FALL 2015 Application and Timeline Overview
explained in detail in the acceptance materials. SCAD travel arrangements must be submitted before the deadline as indicated. Students should plan to book travel after official acceptance into the program.
Applications available through *MySCAD
Applications Due (round 1)
Round 1 Acceptance Notification
Accepted student Reservation Deposit Due date ($850)
Applications Due (round 2)
Certain classes may already be filled during round 1 application
Acceptance Notification (round 2)
Accepted student Reservation deposit due date ($850)
Program participants will be registered for courses
Monday, February 23
Friday, March 13
Wednesday, March 25 – 26 Monday, April 6 Friday, May 1
Monday, May 11 - 12
Thursday, May 21
Monday, May 11
Study abroad will handle registration for Lacoste participants; students taking eLearning courses will register themselves during their normal time ticket
Pre-Departure Orientation
Travel due for students wanting to book through SCAD Balance of tuition and fees due
Departure from US to France
Arrival in France

Departure from Lacoste
Friday, May 15 (TBD)
10 am, O-House Ballroom Friday, May 22 Monday, June 1 Thursday, September 17 Friday, September 18 Tuesday, November 17
SCAD Lacoste | FALL 2015 Application and Timeline Overview
ARCH 301
Architecture Design Studio I
ARCH 341 Construction Technology II ARTH 240 Treasures of Provence
ARLH 353 The Architecture of Provence DRAW 341 Travel Portfolio
DRAW 708 Graduate Drawing ENGL 179 French Literature
ENGL 242 Absurdist Imagination
PNTG 302 Intermediate Painting
PNTG 331 Landscape Painting
PNTG 409 Advanced Painting
PNTG 431 Advanced Landscape Painting
PNTG 741 Painting Directed Project (cross-listed with Landscape Painting) PNTG 728 Painting Studio I (PNTG Grad Studios)
PNTG 738 Painting Studio II (PNTG Grad Studios) PNTG 758 Painting Studio III (PNTG Grad Studios)
PHOT 317 Photographic Travel: The Foreign and the Familiar PHOT 319 Photography Project Seminar II
PHOT 736 The Photographic Travelogue
PHOT Graduate Seminars
WRIT 322 Writing about Place

former student Melissa Spitz's photo essay in TIME

Congratulations to former student Melissa Spitz on her photo essay in TIME!
Navigating a Mother’s Mental Illness Through Photography  
Photographer Melissa Spitz spent the past six years documenting her mentally ill mother. 

"Spitz did not think that documenting her mother could make a substantial body of work until she saw the similarly intimate and intriguing photographs of Richard Billingham, Nan Goldin and Tierney Gearon, who unapologetically exhibited the private lives of their loved ones in a public display. “I really wasn’t aware that that was something photographers did.”

 Melissa Spitz is a photographer who divides her time between the Midwest and New York. She plans to make a book about her mother’s project, You Have Nothing to Worry About. You can also follow her on Instagram.

Annual Jewery Trunk Show

Pei Ling Chan Gallery, 322 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.
Thursday, May 14, 4-7 Preview
Friday, May 15, 11am-7 Trunk Show

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

PDN Still-Life Competition: Objects of Desire


  • $2,000 Cash Prize
  • $125 Amazon Gift Card
  • $100 B&H Gift Card
  • A one-year PHOTO+ logo Basic Membership
  • $125 Amazon Gift Card
  • $100 B&H Gift Card
  • A one-year PHOTO+ logo Basic Membership
All winners will appear in a print gallery in the November issue of PDN, as well as an online gallery on


Fine Art/Personal

Entry Fee

$35/single or series (2 to 6 images) *
30% discount with a  PHOTO+ logo  membership

Submissions received after July 16, 2015 will be subject to an additional late fee of $10. (through final deadline period of July 30, 2015)

Martin Parr

Life’s a Beach:
Photographs by Martin Parr

Opening May 15 | Jepson Center

In Life’s a Beach, one of Britain’s most beloved photographers takes us on a color-saturated journey through a place loved by all: the seaside. Intrigued by the general absurdities and local quirks of beachgoing, Martin Parr has photographed beaches across the world for decades, creating images that range from closeups of sunbathers to shots of rambunctious swimmers caught mid-plunge. This exhibition presents photos of beachgoers on far-flung shores, including those of Argentina, Brazil, China, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Japan, the United States, Mexico, Thailand, and, of course, the artist’s native England.

Lecture by Professor Christopher Nitsche

Lecture by Professor Christopher Nitsche
Funded by a SCAD Sabbatical Grant
See the Development of his Large Scale Exhibition: MEMORY SHIP, Installation for the Spartanburg Art Museum Thursday, May 14, 6pm, Alexander Hall Auditorium

The lecture will discuss the planning and implementation of a large project taking over a year from start to finish. Informative to all students whose major involves projects requiring extensive preparation

Friday, May 8, 2015

Alumnae Emily Metzguer

After earning her MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design (and later teaching at SCAD), Emily found her way to NYC where she has worked in equipment rooms, as a retoucher, assistant and photographer. She enjoys the creative field immensely and can navigate seamlessly from darkroom to Capture One. Emily relishes old fashioned books and newspapers and can't resist new fangled podcasts.

"...when I finished undergrad we were still shooting film, then digital wave, video was clearly the next frontier...You have to dive into what you are passionate about. I learned this in my studies, and picked SCAD because of how many talented professors make up the photo department. Lots of interested, engaged minds to learn from. I further learned this while teaching. Technical skills are easy, just check YouTube. The real learning comes from within and is helped along by truly wonderful teachers, whom I had the pleasure to take classes from."

 "I did start a tintype project this year...The imagery and process is beautifully imperfect... It is expensive, the equipment is cumbersome, and the chemistry volatile...and I love it. I have been surprised by the people who have said yes to posing and I think it is directly related to the process. There are some images up on the site if you want to take a look."

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