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Publication results and details have been posted. See Silver & Ink pages above.

Silver & Ink Jury

Results are available on the blog.

Click on the

S&I Exhibition Jury Results page.

Please keep an eye on the blog for delivery information and other details.

Amazing Paid Internship Opportunity

The Community Help & Learning group at Adobe is going to have 8 art student interns this summer and I am just starting the recruiting process. These paid internship job openings are now live on the site (there is just one listing but there are 8 openings). If you know of any artistic undergrad students who might be interested, I've listed the job description below. Please forward this email to any students or art professors you know who might be able to get the word out.

Here is what the students should do to apply:

Click here:
Type "1443" as the job number.
Click the link for "Community Help and Learning intern"
Click Apply Online

They'll want to download a resume and cover letter.

Position Summary

We are looking for art and digital media student interns with expertise in any of Adobe's Creative Suite products. These interns will play a key role in Adobe's Community Help by developing and sharing their product expertise, answering questions, and providing learning content to our customers. Adobe's Community Help is an integrated online environment for instruction, inspiration, and support. It combines content from Adobe Help, Support, Design Center, Developer Connection, and Forums-along with great online community content-so users can easily find the best and most up-to-date resources. Access tutorials, technical support, online product help, videos, articles, tips and techniques, blogs, examples, and much more. Our interns will use Adobe's products to create video tutorials, artwork, animations, and samples. Ideal candidates will have strong writing and communication skills as well as experience with social media, forums, or blogging.

Location: US Bay Area

Use Creative Suite apps to create art, animations, videos, photography.
Troubleshoot and moderate user forums in your area of expertise.
Work with an instructional design mentor to design and drive a project addressing a top learning problem or issue that needs a creative and innovative visual solution.
A strong portfolio that demonstrates talent and creativity in your major area of study.
Ability to communicate patiently and diplomatically with customers.
Strong communication and inter-personal skills. Ability to work across teams with geographically remote team members.
At least 1 year of experience in one or more of the following Adobe products:
After Effects
Flash Professional
Adobe Premiere Pro
Enrolled in a bachelors program with one of the following majors:
Graphic design
Game design
Web design
Sound design

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PDN's The Curator call for submission

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Awards and Exposure
The selected artists will be part of The Curator group show in New York City, summer 2012.

The opening reception, which is open to the gallery-going public, will be attended by top industry creatives and personalities, all coming together for music, cocktails, and to celebrate your work!

In addition, each chosen photographer will receive a two-page spread in PDN's July issue.
PDN has expanded our distribution
of 25,000 to include over 5,000 creatives!
Winning work will be seen by industry photo editors, art directors and art buyers! An extended gallery will be archived on

Winners will also receive:
  • A $200 gift card from B&H
  • A $250 gift card from Moab
  • A DSLR camera
  • A PhotoServe portfolio
  • A PDN PhotoPlus Gold Expo Pass
  • A one-year subscription to PDN

Installation/Still Life
Abstract/Mixed Media
Nature/Street Photography
Photo Essay/Reportage
Student Work

Entry Fees
$35 per image
$50 per series*

* Please note, a series must be related visually, and has a limit of 6 images.

March 26, 2012
Sasha Wolf Gallery

FOLEY Gallery

+Kris Graves Projects

Enter the contest

Sponsored by:
Do not wish to be contacted about the PDN Curator?
Simply reply to with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

To take your email address off of the list for future messages from Photo District News,
please follow this link.

770 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

Call for Work: ON THE ROAD

Call for Work: Portfolios Showcase

The theme for this showcase is ON THE ROAD

We are looking for a series of photographs (7-12) about the road. What does “the road” mean to you: an adventure, a meditation, a trip around the block, a vehicle. Where has the road led you?

Two photographers will be selected to exhibit their portfolios via prints and gallery slide show as part of our scheduled photography exhibition May 13 to June 24.

Press releases and other forms of marketing include Portfolio Showcase exhibitors.

All processes and techniques are welcomed. DEADLINE April 18, 2012. Fee $35.

Submission and all information online:

Karen Davis

Davis Orton Gallery
114 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534

Fall 2012 Lacoste Course Offerings

Fall 2012 Lacoste Course Offerings

Art History – Drawing – Painting – Photography – Sculpture

Art History
ARTH 240 Treasures of Provence (2 sections to be offered)
Course Description: This course enables students to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the rich artistic traditions and the fascinating history of Provence. Class discussion and site visits focus on many of the art collections and architectural monuments found throughout southern France. Class assignments and research projects provide students the opportunity to complement their major or pursue areas of personal interest. Prerequisite(s): ARTH 110, ENGL 123.
ARTH 370 French Modernism
During the 19th century, Paris was the center for artistic change in Europe. This course explores the works and theories of major French painters, sculptors and architects, with special consideration given to history and the emerging technologies. Prerequisite(s): Any 200-level ARLH/ARTH course.

DRAW 341 Travel Portfolio To draw a place is to know a place. In this course, students develop studies of urban contexts, structures, architectural and sculptural elements, interiors, period furniture and work from historical drawings. A personal focus within the breadth of the portfolio establishes primary motifs, processes and materials. The portfolio is accompanied by related writings and collected materials. Inventive approaches are encouraged. Prerequisite(s): DRAW 100, DSGN 100, DSGN 101.

PNTG 302 Intermediate Painting
Using a structure that alternates studio sessions with lessons about practical issues of visual documentation, framing and other professional components, this course enables students to create work in a thematic series that develops their painting methods and personal concepts. Prerequisite(s): PNTG 203, PNTG 206
PNTG 331 Landscape Painting
This course provides an overview of landscape in painting, with a focus on the conceptual, perceptual and technical evolution of the landscape image in the history of painting. While the course concentrates on issues specific to this genre, attention is also given to the role of technique and theory in the expression of the masters and contemporary practitioners. Prerequisite(s): PNTG 203 or PNTG 206.
PNTG 409 Advanced Painting
This open studio course allows advanced students to develop their strengths pertaining to their own interests and choices of materials as they work toward a cohesive body of work. Students have relevant reading and writing assignments, and complete a finished artist statement. Prerequisite(s): PNTG 310, PNTG 401.
PNTG 728 Painting Studio I
With coursework structured according to the goals and needs of each student, this studio course is designed to refine students’ personal direction and critical vocabulary. Both individual and group critiques support the projects. Prerequisite(s): PNTG 704.
PNTG 738 Painting Studio II
Using an individual program designed for each student based on previous coursework, this studio course is designed to further refine students’ personal focus and critical vocabulary. Both individual and group critiques support the projects. Prerequisite(s): PNTG 728.
PNTG 758 Painting Studio III
This studio course is designed to further refine students’ personal focus and critical vocabulary. An individual program is designed for each student based on previous coursework. Both individual and group critiques support the development of thesis exhibition and the quality of the work. Prerequisite(s): PNTG 738.
PNTG 768 Painting Studio IV
This studio course is designed to further refine students’ personal focus and critical vocabulary. An individual program is designed for each student based on previous coursework. Both individual and group critiques support the projects. Prerequisite(s): PNTG 758.

PHOT 240 History of Photography II
This course examines the major issues and artists in photography from the early 20th century to the present. Although the emphasis is on photography as a fine art and its relationship to the other arts, topics include documentary photography and photojournalism, fashion and portraiture, and the use of photography in mass media. Prerequisite(s): ARTH 110.
PHOT 317 Photographic Travel: The Foreign and the Familiar
This course offers the unique photographic opportunity and challenge of finding intimacy and familiarity in the foreign portrait and the foreign landscape. Slide lectures explore important aspects of traveling with a camera in a foreign country and investigate how other photographers have faced this challenge. Assignments focus on urban and rural landscapes and populations. Students may work in black and white and/or color and may use large- or small- format cameras. Prerequisite(s): PHOT 113.
PHOT 319 Photography Project Seminar
This advanced course extends students’ exploration of the use of the photographic medium for personal expression. Students devise and produce a photographic project that expands on the techniques and processes mastered in previous courses. Prerequisite(s): PHOT 219, PHOT 240, PHOT 313.
PHOT 324 Documentary Photography
This course introduces experienced black-and-white photographers to the documentary/journalistic branch of photography. Areas covered include history, major forms, styles, practitioners, techniques and practices of this important use of the medium. Prerequisite(s): PHOT 115.
PHOT 475 Photography Senior Project
The emphasis of this course is on developing a technically excellent body of work that evidences a strong personal aesthetic and an engagement with conceptual inquiry. Students receive and participate in intensive critique of photographic projects and are provided with personalized guidance and advice regarding careers in the field. Strategies for effective articulation of motivations, concepts, and influences are covered in depth; students gain the ability to situate their work in relation to contemporary and historical trends within the medium. Prerequisite(s): PHOT 319.
PHOT 706 Documentary Photography I
This graduate course is designed to familiarize students with the practical and historical fundamentals of the documentary photograph. Students learn, through examples and assignments, how to photograph in a documentary manner, and how to develop an authentic style within this genre.
PHOT 719 Photographic Arts I
This is the first in a series of a flexible, self-directed seminar/critique courses that allow students maximum freedom to define and develop directions in personal artistic growth and evolution while receiving guidance and criticism in different contexts and from multiple viewpoints. Prerequisite(s): PHOT 709.
PHOT 722 Photographic Arts II
This self-directed seminar/critique course continues the photographic arts series. Prerequisite(s): PHOT 718 or PHOT 719.
PHOT 736 The Photographic Travelogue
Offering unique opportunities to photograph and learn in a foreign environment, this course gives students in-depth insights on another culture’s façade, reality, traditions and values. In an intensive program that deals with both creating photographs and investigating photographic history, there is a focus on comparing students’ work to the existing canon as created by previous native (and foreign) photographers.
PHOT 749 Photography M.A. Final Portfolio
This course focuses on each M.A. student’s personal vision and the many ways to present that vision through a final portfolio in printed and/or digital format. Students utilize compositional elements with appropriate descriptive methodologies in order to clearly communicate particular ideas or concepts. Students also are expected to develop appropriate business practices for their chosen field. Prerequisite(s): PHOT 718 or PHOT 722.
PHOT 753 Photographic Arts III
This self-directed seminar/critique course continues the photographic arts series. Prerequisite(s): PHOT 722.
PHOT 764 Photographic Arts IV
This self-directed seminar/critique course continues the photographic arts series. Prerequisite(s): PHOT 753.
PHOT 775 Photographic Arts V
This self-directed seminar/critique course continues the photographic arts series. Prerequisite(s): PHOT 764.

SCPT 360 Installation Art
This course explores many of the 20th-century sculptural issues related to installation art. Topics may include indoor and outdoor site-specific work, sculpture on a grand scale, and 3-D public art. Students are required to execute an installation piece complete with proposals and preliminary models. Prerequisite(s): SCPT 115.

CALL FOR ENTRIES The Art of Documentary

Enable your email to display images
Up to six photographers will be selected from the entries:

Exhibition of their work in a group show with other winners at powerHouse Arena in Brooklyn, NY, beginning May 16.

A featured exhibit on the SDN home page for two weeks and featured in email spotlights.

Acknowledged at the New York Photo Festival

Digital Silver Imaging


The Art of Documentary

Winners to exhibit at the
New York Photo Festival, May 16-20

Deadline for entries: April 6, 2012

This is the third SDN Call for Entries. The theme this year is The Art of Documentary. The winners will be exhibited at the New York Photo Festival, May 16-20, in Dumbo, New York. The theme, The Art of Documentary, is paralleling the theme of the 2012 New York Photo Festival, "The matrix of art photography and social documentary.", from its beginning in 2008, has been committed to featuring the finest of documentary photography to explore themes of the human condition. In all work accepted to the SDN website, form and content must work together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Fundamentally, isn't this what art is?

Entries to this competition should focus on photography that is founded in the traditions of fine art to give us insight into the underlying content of the image. In one sense, this is what all work on SDN should be. But now we are asking of you to pay particular attention to this and submit work that you think makes a case that the formal qualities of the image are essential to communicating the underlying content.

The winners of this Call for Entries will be exhibited at powerHouse Arena during the New York Photo Festival, May 16-20, 2012.

Beginning March 6, 2012, you can submit your entry via the standard online tools available for submitting any exhibit on SDN. The difference is that you will see an option to designate the exhibit as a competition entry. You can also convert any existing exhibit on SDN to a competition entry simply by pressing a button in your exhibit edit page and paying the competition entry fee. For complete details, click here.

Entry Fees
$25 for one exhibit entry of 6 - 36 images.

Questions? Email us at

Click here for complete information and to enter competition.

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Photography in Lacoste


Interest Meetings SCAD Savannah

12:30 – 1:30 p.m., Thursday, March 29

Alexander Hall, Auditorium

4:45 – 5:45 p.m., Thursday, March 29

Student Center, 2nd Floor

1:00 – 2:00p.m., Friday, March 30

Bergen Hall, room 100

4:45 – 5:45 p.m., Wednesday, April 4

Student Center, 2nd Floor

Interest Meetings SCAD Atlanta

10:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., Monday, March 9

4:00 – 5:30 p.m., Monday, March 9

10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., Tuesday, April 10

4:00 – 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, April 10

The Hub

Interest Meetings SCAD eLearning

6:00-7:30 p.m., Tuesday, April 3

Web links for more information:!/scadoffcampus

E-mail address to which students can reply:


Gregory Alfonso Renda

Coordinator of Off Campus Programs

Bradley Hall 322

Savannah, GA 31401


Fax: 912.525.4722 -

SCAD: The University for Creative Careers®

TONS and TONS of jobs/internships

Aperture Internships, July-December 2012

Session Job Description APERTURE FOUNDATION

The Stevan A. Baron Work-Scholar Program welcomes individuals from all over the world to engage in Aperture’s many programs and contribute to the editing, design, production, circulation, sales, and marketing of photography’s most significant publications; the development of major traveling exhibitions; the creation of web content; and all other business operations essential to a non-profit organization.

In addition to working closely with the Aperture staff and contribute to the day to day work flow of the office, work scholars make contacts within the photo community at Aperture events and through meetings with various professionals in the photography field. Aperture Foundation’s Chelsea location offers the unique opportunity to work for six to twelve months in New York City and have access to art galleries, museums, and other art-related facilities.

To apply for the upcoming July-December 2012 session, please submit your application by April 15, 2012

Interns receive a stipend of $300 per month full-time, as well as complimentary copies of Aperture magazine throughout their internship (stipends for part-time work scholars vary depending on their time commitment). Applicants must make their own living arrangements and should have sufficient financial resources to cover their living expenses. College credit is available for this program.

Communications, Editorial (books or magazine), Exhibitions, Finance and Administration, Magazine Circulation (marketing & advertising, part-time position), Production, Sales, Website.
See detailed descriptions below.

Commitment: Full-Time
Work Scholars accepted per season: 1

The Communications Work Scholar contributes to the Communications Department in various capacities, including: researching new outlets for publicity outreach; preparing and assembling press materials for distribution to key media; circulating press clippings; updating and maintaining publicity files and mailing lists; assisting in events at Aperture Gallery, including opening receptions for exhibitions, book signings, lectures, and panel discussions; and regular telephone contact with media outlets.

Requirements: A good knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and Entourage as well as familiarity with database programs; excellent communication and writing skills; and a genuine passion for the arts enhance a candidate's application.

**Creative Sample: Please submit a one- to two-page sample of written work.

Commitment: Full-Time
Work Scholars accepted per season: 1
The Design Work Scholar assists Aperture's Design Director with both digital and print projects. The print projects include books, catalogs, ads, exhibitions, signage, posters, and invitations. Digital projects include ePubs, website updates, and evites. A knowledge of both print and web is preferable but not necessary. Responsibilities include working on layouts, setting and correcting type, communicating with various departments to follow through on projects, and conceptual design on selected projects. Work Scholars attend design meetings with artists and department heads and acquire hands-on experience in exhibition design as well as typesetting, editing, and sequencing photographs for the book format. They will learn to present ideas and work with clients, and bring away strong portfolio pieces.
Requirements: Expertise with InDesign and working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator required, all on Mac. Strong layout and typography skills, creativity, attention to detail, and self-motivation will enhance a candidate's application. Knowledge of Dreamweaver, HTML, and CSS is helpful but not necessary.
**Creative Sample: Please submit a PDF portfolio of eight to ten design projects, and a link to your website (if applicable).

Commitment: Full-Time
Work Scholars accepted per season: 1
The Development Work Scholar assists the development staff in all aspects of fundraising, including research, data management, preparation of grant proposals, donor cultivation, and annual direct-mail appeal. Responsibilities include updating and maintaining donation database; assisting in special events; researching prospective foundations and individuals; and preparing solicitation packages and other fundraising materials.
Requirements: Advanced experience with Microsoft Office, especially Word and Excel; strong working grasp of database programs such as Filemaker Pro; as well as excellent communication and grammar skills.
**Creative Sample: Please submit a one- to two-page sample of written work.

EDITORIAL (books or magazine)
Commitment: Full-Time
Work Scholars accepted per season: 3
The Editorial Work Scholars assist Aperture editors in both the book and the magazine departments. Responsibilities include: picture and text research; contacting museums, galleries, and individuals to request artwork for reproduction; proofreading; compiling copy for catalogs and book jackets; development and publicity support; and registering copyrights. Editorial Work Scholars also have the opportunity to collaborate in managing the first stages of Aperture's online photography competition, gaining valuable skills in assessing the potential of contemporary photography for publication.
Requirements: A working grasp of the photographic field, excellent grammar and communication skills, as well as prior editorial experience will enhance a candidate's application. Because of the nature of this position, applicants should be native English speakers.
**Creative Sample: Please submit a one- to two-page sample of written work.

Commitment: Full-Time
Work Scholars accepted per season: 1
The Finance Work Scholar assists in all aspects of finance and administration, including budgeting and analysis, invoicing, collections, inventory management, data management, project tracking, royalty contract review and entry, filing, mail, and tracking staff attendance.
Requirements: Good quantitative skills and attention to detail; proficiency in Word and Excel; familiarity with database programs; ability to multitask and take initiative; strong phone and people skills a plus. This is an excellent position for someone with an interest in the business side of publishing and the arts.

(marketing and advertising)
Commitment: Part-Time
Work Scholars accepted per season: 1
The Magazine Circulation Work Scholar assists the Publisher in all facets of circulation, marketing, and advertising. Responsibilities include: subscription customer service, assisting in advertising promotion work, preparing media kits, maintaining ad prospect databases and mailing lists, interfacing with fulfillment house, coordinating ad materials with the production department, assisting in generating and providing first drafts of subscription Web site promotions, and researching new business sources.
Requirements: Proficiency in MS Office, strong phone and people skills, and ability to multitask and take initiative. This is an excellent position for someone with an interest in the business side of publishing.

Commitment: Full-Time
Work Scholars accepted per season: 1
The Production Work Scholar assists the Production Director in carrying out the production of Aperture's black-and-white and color photography books, quarterly magazine, and seasonal catalogs. Responsibilities include handling and receipting art; reviewing specifications; communicating with suppliers; maintaining department schedules; preparing work-in-process reports; handling invoices; archiving physical and digital files; trafficking packages; and preparing manufacturing orders.
Requirements: Familiarity with Microsoft Office (Word and Excel), Photoshop, InDesign. HTML knowledge a plus.

Commitment: Full-Time
Work Scholars accepted per season: 1
The Exhibitions Work Scholar assists with the promotion of the Traveling Exhibition Program. Responsibilities include: maintaining files on existing exhibition venues; researching potential venues; updating mailing list of potential venues; assisting in the creation of exhibition kits and their mailing to potential venues; coordinating exhibitions; maintaining the museum/gallery database; assisting with Aperture Gallery openings; following up on proposals sent and pinpointing specific interests of institutions so that Aperture can target proposals strategically. He or she will also assist the Exhibitions Manager with all aspects of the installation and de-installation process of exhibitions in Aperture’s gallery space.
Requirements: A working grasp of the photographic field.
**Creative Sample: Please submit a one- to two-page sample of written work.

Commitment: Full-time
Work Scholars accepted per season: 1
The Sales and Bookstore Work Scholar assists three key staff members responsible for book and print sales on behalf of the foundation: the Sales and Marketing Director, Sales Manager, and Sales Assistant. Responsibilities include assisting with maintaining the daily bookstore/gallery operations; managing the front desk and assisting visitors with questions and purchases; identifying new sales opportunities and researching prospective new clients; assisting in creating seasonal sales materials, including the book and limited-edition photographs catalogs; assisting with the selection and production of images for the limited-edition photographs program; managing sales and inventory spreadsheets; preparing sales information for Aperture's book distributors; assisting with the preparations required to attend art fairs and trade shows; managing the meeting schedule for key book trade shows; assisting with special mailings; and assisting during Aperture's annual fundraiser held during the fall season.
Requirements: A passion for sales; excellent written and communication skills; strong phone manner and interpersonal skills; the ability to engage with visitors and assist with purchases; the ability to multi-task; the ability to take initiative; and working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. Successful experience in retail and/or a contemporary art gallery a plus.
**Creative Sample: Please submit a one- to two-page sample of written work.

Commitment: Full-time
Work Scholars accepted per season: 1

The Website Work Scholar will collaborate with the Aperture staff to enhance the foundation's online presence. The intern will be responsible for posting updated information about events and exhibitions, researching and revising the web links and resources featured on the website and ensuring the cross promotion of books, prints, events, exhibitions, and web exclusives. He or she will help edit video and audio footage from events and work with the education department to establish new forums for digital content. Additionally, the web intern will work with a variety of departments to produce new web content for both the main site and Aperture's blog. This is a great opportunity to work on the website of a leading arts institution and to help take it to the next level.

Requirements: A good knowledge of Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Word, Excel and Entourage. Confidence with computers, experience with Wordpress, excellent writing skills, ability to edit video and audio content. A passion for photography and the arts in general preferred.

**Creative Sample: Please submit a 1-2 page writing sample, as well as links to web related experience. Salary $300/month stipend Type of Job Paid Internship Job Location Manhattan, New York Posting Date 03/14/2012 Expiration Date 04/20/2012 Job Requirements Degrees Wanted None Required Majors Wanted Art History; Arts Administration; Graphic Design; Photography; Printmaking; Production Design; Writing Job Targets Wanted Art - Photography; Communications - Public Relations; Publishing Special Skills Wanted see above Other Job Requirements Company Information Company Name Aperture Foundation Employer Web Site Company Description Aperture—located in New York’s Chelsea art district—is a world-renowned non-profit publisher and exhibition space dedicated to promoting photography in all its forms. Aperture was founded in 1952 by photographers Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, Barbara Morgan, and Minor White; historian Beaumont Newhall; and writer/curator Nancy Newhall, among others. These visionaries created a new quarterly periodical, Aperture magazine, to foster both the development and the appreciation of the photographic medium and its practitioners. In the 1960s, Aperture expanded to include the publication of books (over five hundred to date) that comprise one of the most comprehensive and innovative libraries in the history of photography and art. Aperture’s programs now include artist lectures and panel discussions, limited-edition photographs, and traveling exhibitions that show at major museums and arts institutions in the U.S. and internationally. Equal Opportunity

Contact Information Contact


Anne Lewis


547 West 27th Street, Fl.4
New York, NY 10001


(212) 505-5555


Application Instructions email your resume and cover letter to

Company: Barneys New York

Title: Web Photographer

Category: Internet/Online/New Media, Photography

Job Type: Full Time

Location: Lyndhurst, NJ


We are currently seeking a Web Photographer for our e-Commerce department in our Lyndhurst, NJ location.

The Web Photographer photographs still-life product shots for presentation on the Barneys New York e-Commerce website at He/She is also responsible for light retouching, styling and maintenance of the photo studio. Strong compositional skills and knowledge of fashion trends are a plus.


Light, style, compose and photograph a wide range of retail products to be presented on the Barneys New York website
Share responsibility for photo studio workspace and equipment
Familiarity with retouching and workflow standards
Maintain proper file naming
Complete special projects as needed, both on- and off-site


BA in Photography and 1-2 years of experience
Proficiency with Mac computers
Basic Microsoft Office skills (Word, Excel)
Knowledge of 35mm digital SLR systems and workflow
Understanding of Capture One and tethered shooting
Sharp eye for product photography
Ability to work and make decisions in a fast-paced environment
Organizational skills
Ability to lift/move heavy photography equipment on occasion

About Our Company
Barneys New York, a leading luxury retailer, is committed to providing the best of everything: merchandise, customer service, and innovative people with creative ideas.

If you wish to apply for this job, please login or register on our site.

Doyle New York
(New York NY)

Doyle New York, a major New York City auction house, is seeking a highly motivated, experienced digital photographer for high volume production in-studio and tabletop photography, including a wide variety of furniture, decorative arts, paintings, prints and jewelry. We are looking for a detail oriented, organized team player who is able to multitask and handle deadlines in a fast paced environment.


-Previous still-life/product work, with portfolio examples to show is a must.

-Work with cameras including Canon 5D, Mark II and large format with a Phase One digital back

-Knowledge of Mac platform using Photoshop and Capture One

-Expertise in lighting, set-up and composition skills

-Understanding image multi-purposing for print and web

-Strong retouching skills including pathing, color correcting, color shift and/or manipulating images, adjustment layers, enhancement, RGB/CMYK color space and conversions.

-Ability to work well with a range of colleagues including, Art Director, art handlers, specialists, and fellow photographers etc.

-Proactive problem solving, both technically and creatively.

Please email resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to Reid Gilmore at Submissions without cover letter or salary requirement will not be considered.

No phone calls please.



The Culinary Institute of America, the world's premier culinary college is looking for a Photographer to be responsible for performing a range of photographic services to the Hyde Park, NY campus. This position is expected to work under the direction of the Director of Creative Services to coordinate and shoot on-campus, and off-campus photos at other campuses when needed, in a variety of settings and styles (candid to formal, individual portraits to group photos, and photojournalistic to studio setting); provide art direction, lighting, and color correcting duties; produce image output in a variety of formats; and work on other projects as assigned.


  • Photograph, color-correct, and prepare high-quality output for:
    • Marketing publications, web and video (viewbooks, catalogs and brochures, professional and consumer cookbooks)
    • Media-related activities such as photos to accompany press releases and photos for magazine articles
    • Continuing Education class groups (every week) and CIA Consulting corporate clients
    • CIA faculty, staff, and student portraits
    • AOS and BPS graduation ceremonies (every three weeks)
  • Shoot updates to stock photo library
  • Upload and assist with digital asset library maintenance
  • File and archive to help maintain organized photo database
  • Track and maintain individual expenses, office supplies, and chargeback records for processing
  • Coordinate travel arrangements and logistics to shoot at branch campuses and various events when needed
  • Assist with coordinating the workflow of the Digital Asset Specialist
  • Collaborate with student workers and freelance photographers to complete workflow tasks

Required Qualifications:

  • Three years of previous photography employment
  • Experience coordinating and organizing assignments
  • Experience in photographing a wide range of subjects, including: food ingredients, plated food, people, events, exterior landscapes, and buildings
  • Command of digital camera equipment and related photography equipment and programs
  • Command of photo composition and lighting techniques (both indoor and outdoor)
  • Ability to creatively compose shots
  • Ability to effectively provide art direction to subjects, customers, and freelance photographers
  • Current command of relevant creative technologies, including Adobe PhotoShop, Bridge, LightRoom, and cross-platform (Mac and PC) dynamics
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong organization skills, with the ability to successfully juggle multiple assignments simultaneously
  • Weekend and evening availability

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of video, desktop publishing, and web
  • Bachelor's Degree in Photography

Please send résumé and cover letter including salary requirements to:

Job ID 2481374

Studio Fellowships Women’s Studio Workshop

WSW Fellowship opportunities are designed to provide concentrated work time for artists to explore new ideas in a dynamic and supportive community of women artists.

* Fellowships are awarded through a jury process.
* The cost to Fellowship recipients is $200 per week plus materials.
* The award includes on-site housing and all-hour access to our studios.
* The facilities feature complete studios in intaglio, silkscreen, hand papermaking, photography,
letterpress, and ceramics.
* Four- to six-week sessions are available
* Artists are given a studio orientation, but should be able to work independently.
* Technical assistance is available for $35/hour.
* A thorough WSW studio introduction is provided at no charge.

Postmark deadline: March 15
Notification Date: June 1

Company Information Company Name Women's Studio Workshop

Employer Web Site

Company Description Women's Studio Workshop is a visual arts organization with specialized studios in printmaking, hand papermaking, ceramics, letterpress printing, photography, and book arts. Artists are invited to work at WSW as a part of our Fellowship Program, Artists' Books Grants, Residencies, Internships, or to learn new skills in our Summer Arts Institute and community workshop series.

Our mission is to operate and maintain an artists' workspace that encourages the voice and vision of individual women artists, to provide professional opportunities for artists, and to promote programs designed to stimulate public involvement, awareness, and support for the visual arts. Equal Opportunity Employer Yes Contact Information Contact


Sandra Brown


PO Box 489
Rosendale, NY 12472


(845) 658-9133

Application Instructions Application details are available online at

(New) 101st Annual Exhibition, Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts - CT
March 30, 2012. The Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts seeks entries for a national juried exhibition, May 25 - July 14, 2012 at Mystic Arts Center, 9 Water Street, Mystic, CT. All media including: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Graphics (traditional and digital). Monetary Awards and Active Sales. Artists can enter on-line or carry in. $25 entry fee. Visit website for complete exhibition information and entry forms at:, or send SASE to: CAFA, P.O. Box 311031, Newington, CT, 06131. Questions? Please contact

National Juried Exhibit - up to $2,500 in prizes - LA

Deadline: March 31, 12. The St. Tammany Art Association announces the 47th National Juried Artists Exhibition July 14-August 11, 2012. Juried by Miranda Lash, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Awarding up to $2,500 with $1,000 Best of Show, $500 prize for 2-D work, and up to four $250 Honorable Mentions at discretion of juror. Possibility of purchase award by local government. Show features opening and closing receptions plus open house in July. All events are free and open to the public, and take place at the St. Tammany Art Association Art House, 320 N. Columbia St., Covington, LA 70433. Juror Miranda Lash is the Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Ms. Lash manages the twentieth and twenty-first century permanent collection and the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden. She is a recipient of an Andy Warhol Curatorial Research Grant for her research on conceptual artist Mel Chin. A native of Los Angeles, she received her bachelor’s degree in the history of art and architecture with honors from Harvard University. As an undergraduate, she was honored as a Fellow at the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies. She completed her master’s degree in art history at Williams College, where she was named a Clark Fellow for work on her Master’s thesis on Brazilian artist, Adriana Varejão. Before coming to New Orleans, Lash was a curatorial assistant at The Menil Collection in Houston, Texas. She has lectured and published essays on the Latin American artists; however, since arriving New Orleans, her interests have expanded to include artists from or living in the American South. Currently she is writing two books on the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden. This annual juried show is open to all artists 18+ in the United States. Original visual art completed within the last two years accepted, including drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture, photography, fiber art, and other media. Not admitted: reproductions of original artwork, film, video, and large installations due to space limitations. For prospectus, visit, email, call (985) 892-8650, or write STAA Summer Show, 320 N. Columbia St., Covington, LA 70433.

25th Annual Northern National Art Competition - WI

Deadline: May 14, 12. Open to all artists 18 or older who are US residents. Each artist may submit one or two jpgs of recent, original 2D (wall-hang-able) work in ANY medium including drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, fiber, mixed media and work that has some sculptural elements. Cost of entry: $30.00. More than $8,500 in prize money will be awarded to the artists including three $1,000 Awards of Excellence. This year's esteemed judge/juror is Sarah McKenzie. Exhibit opens 7/24/12 and ends 9/7/12. Open to all artists 18 or older who are US residents. Cost for entry is $30 to enter one or two images as jpg. For more information or for a prospectus contact the Nicolet College Art Gallery Director, Katherine Ralph at 715-365-4556 or by email:, Nicolet College, Rhinelander, Wisconsin; Web Site:

101st Annual Exhibition, Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts - CT
Deadline: March 30, 2012. The Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts seeks entries for a national juried exhibition, May 25 - July 14, 2012 at Mystic Arts Center, 9 Water Street, Mystic, CT. All media including: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Graphics (traditional and digital). Monetary Awards and Active Sales. Artists can enter on-line or carry in. $25 entry fee. Visit, for complete exhibition information and entry forms, or send SASE to: CAFA, P.O. Box 311031, Newington, CT, 06131. Questions? Please contact

Deadline: March 23, 12. Smithtown Township Arts Council seeks entries for its 32nd Annual Juried Photography Exhibition The Hand-Made Photograph at the Mills Pond House Gallery, May 5-June 1, 2012. Juror: Christopher James. National call. Prospectus at or email 660 Route 25A, St.James, NY 11780. (631) 862-6575. $45/3 entries. Cash Prize.


Project Manager

Job Description 10 - 20 hours per week and main duties are 3 things including: Project Scheduling, Invoicing Out and Invoice Receiving

Salary 16 per hour

Type of Job Freelance

Job Location Savannah, Georgia

Posting Date 03/13/2012

Expiration Date 04/12/2012

Minimum GPA 3.00

Other Job Requirements Great if candidate has interest in the visual arts field or creative studio world however not required. Quickbooks or Microsoft Excel or similar software knowledge is helpful but again not required.

Company Information

Company Name 98Productions, LLC

Employer Web Site

Company Description 98 Productions is the creative studio for award-winning videomaker and SCAD alumnus Trevor Jenkins and his team. Equal Opportunity Employer Yes Contact

Information Contact


Trevor Jenkins


P. O. Box 9663
Savannah, GA 31412




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