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NYC Photo Off Campus

Additional Interest Meeting

Wednesday, April 6, Bergen Hall 105, 5pm

Photography NYC off campus opportunity June 12-18, 2011.

Only 10 seats available for Photography Students

This will an not for credit whirlwind opportunity to spend a week in NYC meeting with working artists and commercial photographers. There will lots to do, tons to see, and plenty of great opportunities to meet with fabulous people.

Questions contact Rebecca Nolan,

Call For Entry - Architectural Unconscious

Deadline: April 29 Submissions Due by 5pm EST

Entry Fee: You may submit up to three pieces for a non-refundable entry fee of $20.


Possibly the most exquisite combination of "form meets function" exists around us all. For civilizations the architecture that emerged has served a wealth of uses, from the most utilitarian purposes to the most intricate historical records. However, the vast impressiveness and monumental achievement of the architecture we experience, typically distracts us from the efforts that lead to such an enormous structure. "The Architectural Unconscious" is an exhibition that celebrates everything architecture produces, yet overshadows in appreciation. In other words, architecture yields sculptures, drawings, photographs, paintings, plans, detailed models, and many other forms of art that demand our attention. Insightful appreciations for these humble beginnings will undoubtedly provide a more clear perspective for the significance of civilization's structures.



Broadreach Academic Treks Seeks Photography Teachers

Broadreach Academic Treks seeks photography teachers to serve as instructors on our Photography Program in Panama. Trip leaders teach students about technical and artistic aspects of digital photography and accompany students on eco adventure activities. In addition to teaching in exciting ways, instructors will be responsible for facilitating group dynamics, communicating with headquarters, and being a role model for high school and students. Learn more about the trip at:

Qualifications: Completed Master’s in Fine Arts, Photography or a related field & experience studying and teaching photography. Experience leading trips, working with teens students, and traveling internationally is preferred.

Dates: Staff training is May 27- June 3, 2011. Contracts run July 12 – August 10, 2011.

Compensation: Round trip airfare to staff training and the program location, stipend of approximately $1300, meals, housing and program activities .

Apply: Apply online at

Please forward this to any students, alumni, or staff who may be interested in this position! Thank you!

Dora Hargittai
Marketing and Staffing Coordinator
Summer Adventures for Teenagers
919.256.8200 or 888.833.1907

Like us on Facebook!

Please consider the environment before printing!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alien Vision!

The School of Liberal Arts “Art of the Mind” speakers series presents Dr. Mark Changizi, an evolutionary neurobiologist aiming to grasp the ultimate foundations underlying why we think, feel and see as we do. Why do humans see in color? Why do we have eyes on the front of our heads, like cats, rather than on the sides, like horses? These are just a few of the riddles Dr. Changizi will explore in his lecture – Alien Vision Revolution, Thursday, March 31 at 8pm in Arnold Hall Auditorium. For more information contact Nancy Richards at 5-5801 or .

Monday, March 28, 2011

Online Teaching Opportunity

For details, click HERE.

Call for Work: 3rd Ward Open Call

EARLY ENTRY DEADLINE: Thursday, March 31, 2011, 11:59PM EST

March 21, 2011, NYC: Artists Wanted is pleased to announce the latest edition of The 3rd Ward Open Call , scheduled to launch online this week. An acclaimed art and design center based in Brooklyn, 3rd Ward will offer a live/work residency to the Grand Prize Winner, culminating in a solo exhibition on-site. The competition is open to all artists around the world. 3rd Ward is searching for all types of innovative work including: Sculpture, Installation, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Design, Illustration, Film, Video, Animation, Performance, Sound and everything inbetween. Conceptual proposals are also welcome.

All participants in The 3rd Ward Open Call will be considered to receive The Grand Prize: a s olo exhibition in New York City, a 3-month live/work artist residency at 3rd Ward , a $5,000 cash grant, airfare and shipping to and from New York City (for non-NYC residents), NYC-wide exposure and an online feature promoting the artist's work internationally.

Additionally, the public will cast their vote and the highest rated portfolio will receive the People's Choice Award: $1,000 cash and an online feature promoting the artist's work internationally.
The top 25 runners-up will receive online features, gaining worldwide exposure!

Previous Open Call Winners, Carrie Shaltz + Zach Hyman were sent on a spontaneous art-making roadtrip, courtesy of 3rd Ward. Debuting at 3rd Ward’s gallery this Spring, Shaltz + Hyman's Preyground , is a narrative documentation of the duo's journey through desolate and forgotten regions of the United States, with no location scouting, no assistants, no crew, and most importantly... no rules.

For more information, please visit

3rd Ward is a member-based art and design center for creative professionals in New York City. Committed to providing resources, opportunities and a dynamic-creative network, our space houses four gorgeous photo studios, a professional wood & metal shop, a fully loaded digital media lab, shared & private work space and a large selection of interdisciplinary art classes.

Daria Brit Shapiro
Head Curator + Director of Outreach
Artists Wanted
mobile: 917.215.9039

Call for Work: Wassaic Project Summer Festival 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Call for Papers

In support of young scholars conducting innovative research in contemporary art, Art&Education is pleased to announce a Call for Papers for its inaugural Papers Prize, which includes a research sum of 2000 USD and the opportunity to present a paper at a conference, organized by Artforum & e-flux co-sponsored by Society of Contemporary Art Historians, on the subject of the deregulation in art practice and history.
What is the relationship between art and deregulation? Over the past four decades, the deregulation of global markets has been accompanied by the rise of flexible labor, the proliferation of highly sophisticated financial instruments, and increasing social complexity. Art&Education wishes to examine the possible links between such economic shifts, the putative rise of post-industrial society, and contemporary artistic practices, taking into account the renewed global interest in performativity, social and technological networks, and collaboration.  By considering such topics in dialogue or counterpoint with historical precedents, we hope to arrive at a more sophisticated understanding of artistic production and reception today–a field in which rules aren't bent but are simply fluid.
Proposals may include subjects such as:
  • Pre-histories and legacies of institutional critique
  • Models of artistic autonomy within historical conditions of economic deregulation
  • The legislation of public-private partnership between the state, funders, and art institutions
  • The recent "pedagogical turn" in which art and education entwined, and the concurrent decline of higher education and student activism
  • The changing forms of artistic resistance and critique, to include strategies of appropriation, mimicry and performativity
  • The rise of alternative spaces, and their changing relation to traditional spaces of the museum, gallery and studio
  • Post-studio art practices and the dematerialized artwork as it relates to social and economic mechanisms of Post-Fordism.
  • Reconfiguration of Think Tanks as a discursive and social model in contemporary art
Final Entries will be reviewed by the Selection Jury: 
Daniel Birnbaum, Director, Moderna Museet
Claire Bishop, Associate Professor of Art History, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Tim Griffin, Artforum International
Suzanne Hudson, Co-founder and President of the Society of Contemporary Art Historians
Molly Nesbit, Professor Art History, Vassar College
Brian Kuan Wood, Editor, e-flux journal
One submission will be chosen as a recipient of the Art&Education Papers Prize. The winner and two-runners up will be given the opportunity to present a 20-minute portion of their research at a conference, featuring both invited and submitted papers and presentations. Details will be announced at a later date.
Texts should be research-based articles pertaining to art history or contemporary art, and may be drawn from conference papers, seminar papers, dissertation chapters, etc.  All submitted texts will be considered for publication on Art&Education
We ask that you submit pieces anywhere from 2,000 to 6,000 words with a 100 word abstract and full contact information by midnight of May 30th 2011.
No late submissions will be considered.
Please submit articles, abstract and bios by email to

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Volunteer/Intern Opportunity

Click to enlarge and/or print:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

S&I Exhibition Loan Form

Attach a separate form to EACH piece accepted for the Silver & Ink exhibition. Please include both framed and unframed dimensions (as relevant), and don't forget to sign and date on the last page.

Standard Medium/Media Descriptors:
Gelatin silver print (traditional b/w print)
Digital Type-C Print (color print from Theta or Epsilon)
Mixed Media (indicate specific media if desired)
Either of the following for an Inkjet print:

Archival Inkjet Print
Carbon Pigment Print

Click to enlarge and print each page of the 3 page form.

S&I Portfolio Review Update

Squire Fox has had to cancel. If you signed up for a review with Squire, you will now be reviewing with alumnus, Christopher Lane. See the bios tab above for more information on Chris.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Self Portrait Contest: Great Prizes--Internships & More

Dear Photo Dept. at SCAD,

My apologies for the late notice, but wanted to turn your attention to the Society of Publication Designers’ Student Photo Competition. I’ll be brief, as the web link will speak for itself...

The theme ...“Self Portrait” is anything you make it.

The prizes... well, I wish I were a student again, as I would enter this contest in a heartbeat!

The judges... Top photo editors and art directors in New York’s publishing biz

I do hope you’d consider this exciting opportunity for your Photography Students.

(p.s. Did I mention the entry is FREE????)

Check out the details:

And here’s more about us:


Nancy Stamatopoulos

Member, Board of Directors


Family Portrait Opportunity

To Whom it May Concern-

My name is Rashida Bowlin. My family and I will be vacationing in Tybee Island on May 12-May 15, 2011. I have a request for a student of photography. I was wanting to know if there is a student that would be available to take family pictures of my family (of ~20 people) on the beach anytime, during this time frame.

We are looking at ~45 minutes to ~1 hr of photography. We are willing to negotiate a price, if possible.

We thought this might be a less expensive way to take pictures of our family group and give a student the chance to practice photography.

Our ultimate goal is to present all the portraits taken in a photo book to my grandmother who will turn 91 this November.

If there is anyway that a student, or someone else that you recommend, could assist in this project, we'd be very appreciative and grateful.

Please email or contact me via the information below.

Thank you.


Rashida Bowlin
Murphy, TX

Friday, March 18, 2011

Silver & Ink Exhibition Jury Results

For a downloadable/printable list, click on the S&I Exhibition Jury Results tab above.
Congratulations to the following students!

First Name Last Name Accepted Submission(s)
Abra Anderson Untitled (Entry 1)
Aniz Ansari Live in Dreams
Stephen Archer Dock
Christopher Barfield Relic
Alec Bastian Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart
Nicole Belcher Rooftop Apparition
Lea Bennett Kevin and James, 2010
Patrick Bombard Untitled 01 (Entry 1)
Charlotte Botsford Untitled - Lindsey Hart
Jordan Brooks Untitled (Entry 2)
Timothy Budnick We Aren't Poor
Jennifer Buffkin Paris Cafe
Dennis Burnett Fly Over at The Great American Race
    Four Hours Prior
Alison Bushor Resurrection
Boone Bussey KEN
Brittany Callahan I Am Slender
Abigail Cassner Untitled (Entry 2)
    Golden Bath
Alexandra Chalkley Isle Sur la Sorgue, France
Skott Chandler 816 Drayton Street
Angel Chiriboga Mompiche
Frederic Cisneros Untitled (Entry 1)
Chloe Cryan Wiley
    Tara and Finn
Taylor Curry Epiphyte Series #1
    Diseased Bird
Jonathan Dean You Smoking a Cigarette
    You on the Outside
Stacy Diehl Untitled (Entry 1)
    Untitled (Entry 2)
Zhenjie Dong Yin Yang Fish
    Internet Effect #2
Mark Dorf The Architect
Jacob Edmison Untitled (Entry 3)
Reid Elem Untitled. Route 16, Georgia
Josh Epperson Navigation Without Stars
Jolene Esposito Untitled (Entry 2)
Becca Ewing The Loch Ness Monster as Portrayed by Scuba Steve
Ivan Feign Droplets of Time
Edith Fogel Wisdom
Sami Fox Watch
Amy Gable Highway
Gabriella Garcia Pardo Feeding Time
Bryce Gaspard Permanent Fixture (VI)
Daniel George Parking Lot Mural
    [mis]Understanding Cartier-Bresson
Alex Getz Panorbia
Johnny Gin Collapse
Tyler Goldman Two Worlds
    Fields of Vision
Cynthia Gonzalez Espinos Apple Deprivation
Jamie Gordon West S.S. Godwin Falcon
    So Cosmic
Dave Greer Untitled (Entry 1)
    Untitled (Entry 3)
Meg Griffiths Did You Remember
    Sandia Fog
Amanda Blair Guiles RUN
Dominique Guillaume "Blind Walk"
Jake Hamilton a woman
Sunni Hammer Le Vol Des Abeilles 1
Marlene Hawthrone Thomas Mami says you have fallen, your old bones cannot knit themselves well
Andrew Hefter Bone setter
Margaret Hiden Palm Beach
    No Photography Allowed: Untitled #1
Shirmira Hill Mary Lou's Window
Pimprae Hiranprueck Once Upon a Time
Whitney Holbourn Ghost in the Machine
Karen Hulse Childhood Memories
Mathias Hungler Luis Magdiel Meléndez
Ana Ibarra From the series Folkloric Queen (Entry 2)
    From the series Folkloric Queen (Entry 3)
Myra Iqbal Saawan Mela
    Janbaz Circus
James Jackman Macau Trucks (Grid)
    In Dongguang
Ryan Johnson Bull in Field
    Neighbor's House
Samuel Adam Johnson The Streets Below
Gracie Jones Caged Fruit
Mary Ella Jourdak Paper Decay
Rebecca Judy Macau Fish
Andrew Kastner Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions
    Phase Space
Ashley Kauschinger We're fighting in Paris.
Sara Keith Skyline
Elizabeth Kelly The White Rabbit
Brittany Kobayashi Left Behind
Emily Labouerie In the Kitchen
Jeane La Rance The Face of Cholera
Rachael Latoff City Living
An/Chris Le/Hench The Doll Man
Brianna Leonard Gas Mask
Alix Leventon Lil' David's Crabbing
Kathleen (Lynch) Callahan Release
Ajay Malghan Passing Through
    Horizon 9
Wyatt Mangum Cole
Alexandra Marrero No One to Play With
    Woulda Coulda Shoulda
Rachel Martin Solitude
Stefan Matwijec Midnight Menagerie no. 1
    Midnight Menagerie no. 8
Michael Mayne Kites: Delhi, India
Lauren McDermott Beets
Erin McNeil Teal Sheets
Jennifer Mitchell Two Bellies
Caitlin Moore Service & Repair
    The Great Divide
Allie Morris Take Me
Joshua Niven Deer
Rockie Nolan From Cloudbursts, We Arrived
Aaron Norberg Untitled 4
Alan Orrison Verdon Gorge in the Clouds
    Monts du Cheval Blanc, de Mourre Negre
Audra Osborne Untitled (Entry 2)
Jessica Palinski Strolling the Grassy Street
Mark Pariani Void
Josiah Paris Island
Michael Patterson Johannesburg Landscapes
    Social Map for February 16, 2011
Alexander Pedigo Manifestation Trocadéro
Meike Petri Projection/TV
Andrew Phillips Alley Way Central
    Sitting By Food Vendor Sham Shui Po
Olivia Prance The Candle That Nearly Burnt Out
Mary Quin The BVM
    Mother of Pearl
Alyssa Richards My Parents
Morrigan Richardson Cavalier
Jeff Riley Jr 111000
Ben Rollins Centering Sarah
    Centering Paul
Elliot Ross Prole
    Winter Duel
James Sakalian Morgan Livingston
LiA Sanders Just Like You
Brittany Scales Inner Landscapes: Hint
Chelsea Schiff Aixois
Allison Schreiber "Within These Rugged Walls"
Rachel Self Entry
Julie Sharpe Untitled II (from the Displacement series)
Dylan Shaw Out For The Night
Alexandra Simmons Untitled #3
Caitlyn Soldan Tiny Dots? (Palm Trees)
Frazer Spowart Skidmarks
Jessica Stacy She hid her lipstick in the riverbank 1
Gabriel Stiritz Industrial Food (Caliper)
    Industrial Food (Tomato)
Chris Talbot Platyrrhini
    La Regard
Jamie Tanner February
J. Michelle Taylor Abra's Dance
Deanna Thompson James Clyde & Courtland Brewster holding their respective grandfathers James Brewster & Orville Brewster)
P. Seth Thompson The Unobserved Quantum State
Kasandra Torres Untitled No. 1
Mark Trent Hillsboro Neo Nazi
    Darlene and Sidney
Adam Trevillian Ellis
Nicholas Turk Driving To Get My Hair Cut
Emily Van Ness Faint Light (Untitled 7)
Kelly Walden Little Bo Peep Show
David Welch Shopping Totem - Material Culture Study
    Pink - Material Culture Study
Alphonso Whitfield Dixies Flowers
Elise Wille Window Series - Nov 12, 8:00 PM
    Window Series - Nov 15, 2:00 PM
Sarah Williams Full of Suspense
Arlene Wong Lost
    The Face
Kristin Wong assimilation
Michelle Worsham Foreclosures in McDonough, GA
Michael Younker Anywhere But Home
Jessica Yousif Forgiven Grips
Logan Zawacki King Robotics - 200X Product Catalog
    Modern Sesame
Ashley Zichlin Super Mario Bros

Call for Work

Last Chance! --Savannah Magazine Internship

Photography Interns for Savannah magazine

Savannah magazine captivates and inspires the savvy reader with an engaging, authentic vision of the region’s elegant lifestyle. As the area’s only city magazine, Savannah delivers the witty inside scoop on the city’s creative leadership, natural beauty, fine architecture, soulful culture, rich history and bright future.

Summary of Internship:

Savannah magazine distinguishes itself by featuring a premier level of photography in all its platforms. We are currently seeking photography interns who are passionate about the magazine industry to assist our editorial and art departments in carrying out our mission. The internships will involve conceptual photography, event coverage and administrative work. Photography interns will be tasked with contributing to our Savannah Buzz, Style and Seen sections in addition to Interns will report to the Savannah magazine office for regular feedback, assignments and mentoring sessions. The unpaid internships are available to college students who are eligible to receive college credit for their service as an intern toSavannah magazine.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:

- must have strong knowledge of photography and possess a strong creative portfolio

- must exhibit command of Adobe Photoshop

- must be able to edit and upload photographs to our website

- must be comfortable working independently on out-of-office assignments

- must be extremely organized, have a strong work ethic and a personable and professional demeanor

- previous event coverage experience is a plus

Additional Information:

Applicants should send resumes, references, samples of work and cover letters to:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Additional Courses Offered Spring Quarter

New Section

PHOT 113 Photographic Foundations I, TR 5

PHOT 419 Digital Video Media Technique
- elective, MW 5-7:30 few seats left.

PHOT 313 Studio Lighting Technique, Section 3, MW 5-7:30

Digital Image for the Web
SFIN 306 Digital Imaging for the Web still has seats available. This is a basic web design course for photographers. The course is an elective. To find the course to register look under Fine Art, (not photography). The course is SFIN 306, offered MW 2-4:30 Bergen Hall 407. Course Description: Students are afforded the opportunity to communicate through the medium of photographs on the Web and obtain skills that have proven productive in the marketplace. Emphasis is placed on acquiring Web design proficiency through appropriate use of software and image editing tools. Image formatting possibilities are investigated, along with aesthetic/functional aspects of site navigation, design, sequence and consistency. Prerequisite(s): CMPA 100.

PHOT 724 Web Design for Photography
Images created within this course are placed in the context of an operating Web site. Students focus on image optimization for Internet and intranet components, as well as CD and DVD publishing. Electronic imaging communication and aesthetics are emphasized in the context of a digital posting environment. Prerequisite(s): PHOT 714.

Internship Opportunity: Photography Production

5 Points Productions is looking for a student with an interest in learning about and assisting with shoot production in a stills  photography agency. Responsibilities would include putting budgets together, booking studios/ talent/ crew/ locations, organising permits, travel arrangements, etc. In addition, there will be possible opportunities to go on set. Applicant should be well organised, able to cope well under pressure, friendly, hard working,  and have a professional telephone manner.

Contact Anabella, Production Co-ordinator, for more information

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Power of Self 2011--Call for Work


Contact: Daria Brit Shapiro

Your self portraits define you. Hosted by Artists Wanted , a competition celebrating the power of self portraits. Your story, told through images, is the most powerful story ever told. Submit your best work and have a chance to win one year of your life paid for.

March 14, 2010, NYC: Artists Wanted is pleased to announce the launch of the second edition of The Power of Self , a competition focused upon the self-portrait. Following on the heels of their hugely successful Year in Review competition, whose winners mounted a critically-acclaimed installation at The Scope Art Show, Artists Wanted’s Power of Self is searching for the most compelling works of self-portraiture in any and all mediums- from photography, painting, sculpture, new media and everything in between.

The Grand Prize Winner of The Power of Self 2011 will receive one year of their life paid for , a gala reception in New York City, a video documentary on their work produced by Artists Wanted, a lifetime subscription to See.Me , and a gallery-stretched 18" x 24" DNA Portrait provided by DNA11.

The Power of Self will also award $2500 cash to our People Choice Winner- the portfolio with the highest number of public votes. Additionally, entrants to The Power of Self will receive feedback on their portfolio from guest curators and the public, as well as a free See.Me account for 60 days. The earliest entrants will receive a custom, limited-edition sketchbook provided by Artists Wanted and Moleskine, and will be published on Moleskine's Flickr gallery over the course of the competition.

This competition is about your story, your image and the power you hold. This is your chance to share yourself on a grand scale for a grand prize. This is the Power of Self.

Deadline for Entry is April 15, 2011

For more information, please visit:

Artists Wanted was created by two Brooklyn based artists, Jason Goodman and William Etundi Jr. Their first hand experience in the art world was the inspiration for creating this bold new platform for finding burgeoning talent and exposing it to the world. After combining their art world connections, promotional expertise and aesthetic sensibility, Goodman and Etundi launched Artists Wanted with the mission of making the discovery of new artists more welcoming, dynamic and expansive.

See.Me is a new portfolio-hosting service exclusively for artists and creatives. Launching in Spring 2011, See.Me is a dynamic new way to expose your work to a worldwide audience.

The Moleskine® brand was born in 1997, bringing back to life the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries: among them Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin. A trusted and handy travel companion, the nameless black notebook held invaluable sketches, notes, stories, and ideas that would one day become famous paintings or the pages of beloved books. Today, the name Moleskine encompasses a family of nomadic objects: notebooks, diaries, and journals, dedicated to our mobile identity. Indispensable companions to the creative professions and the imagination of our times: they are intimately tied to the digital world.

DNA 11 is the original creator of DNA Art Portraits, Fingerprint Portraits, and Kiss Portraits, offering the world's most personalized art on canvas.

Daria Brit Shapiro

Head Curator + Director of Outreach

Artists Wanted

mobile: 917.215.9039

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