Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Elective Course Offering for Winter!!!

Photographic and Political Representation
T,TH 11-1:30
 Robert Frank, from The Americans
This interdisciplinary class will introduce students to the various strategies that photographers and political scientists use to understand the term representation.
The ways social scientists frequently think about the world are not exact replications of reality, but are models of it. Similarly, while photographs appear to represent and mirror reality, they are in fact highly subjective products of the photographer's creative manipulation. This course will expose students to the literature and practice associated with photographic representation and introduce students to social scientific methodology, and more specifically, to arguments and theories associated with political representation.  
Students will demonstrate and apply photographic methods and theories to the creation of a representational photo assignment. Prerequisite(s): PHOT 113.  Instructors:  Dean Robert Eisinger and  Professor Meryl Truett.  

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