Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Alumnus Chandler Griffin's Barefoot Workshops in the MS Delta

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This from Chandler:
Hi Barefooters,
I wanted to let all of you know what is coming up with Barefoot Workshops. We have some great classes scheduled for February in the Mississippi Delta.

Barefoot will, of course, be running the Two Week Doc workshop. This is our 9th workshop in Clarksdale. So far, Barefoot has produced 35 documentaries, interviewed over 100 people in the Delta, shot hundreds of hours of footage and we're excited to be continue the process in February.

We also have two new workshops we're offering in The Mississippi Delta.

February 6th - 12th, 2011
1-Week Photographing The Mississippi Delta
Instructor: David Turnley
Tuition: $1,700.00

February 13th - February 26th, 2011
2-Week Documenting The Mississippi Delta
Instructors: Chandler, Teddy & The Barefoot Team
Tuition: $2,799.00

February 27th - March 5th, 2011
1-Week Editing In The Mississippi Delta
Instructor: Tyler Hubby "The Devil & Daniel Johnston"
Tuition: $1,700.00

Lastly, I thought you would all love to see the three documentaries from the last Delta workshop. They are beautiful and represent the spirit of Barefoot Workshops.

The Foster Parent Of Iron
a film by Yara Hannema & Gabriella Willenz

The Mighty Quapaw
a film by Natalie Irby & Rachael Johnson

The Rest Haven
a film by Malcolm White & Alex Tufel

Please email me as soon as possible if you're interested because we are filling up as usual... and as always, PLEASE REPOST THIS EMAIL TO PEOPLE WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED IN BAREFOOT WORKSHOPS. This is actually how we get most of our students... word of mouth.

Hope to hear from all of you,
Chandler & The Barefoot Team

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