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Exploring introductory and intermediate techniques of exposure, development, scanning and printing of black- and-white film and print materials, this course consists of a special emphasis on tonal control through the creative application of the Zone System. Areas of investigation include film scanning, paper characteristics, developer choice and fabrication, print size, multi-filter printing and chemical after-treatment. Further concentration is placed on aspects of design, composition, perception and content in black-and-white photographs. Prerequisite(s): PHOT 150.

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First 5 weeks MTWTR 11-1:30
PHOT 403 Professional Practices for Fine Art Photography may be substituted for PHOT 400 Business Practices for Photography or it can be an elective. A waiver of prerequisite form maybe needed for registration.
PHOT 403 Professional Practices for Fine Art Photography, Providing students with a comprehensive introduction to accepted practices in the marketing of fine art photography, this course takes a multifaceted approach to professional art business concerns. Course topics include how to approach galleries, portfolio-reviewing events, legal considerations, collectors, museum practices, portfolio preparation and self-promotion. Prerequisite(s): PHOT 219. This course may be substituted for PHOT 400 Business Practices or used as an elective.                                Questions contact

Important topics covered throughout the quarter; juried shows, larger competitions, prizes/award nominations, exhibiting, commercial galleries/gallery representation, artist representation, the non-profit/community space, artist and residencies, copyright, publish a book, self-publishing, the curator, museum work, framing/exhibition materials. biennials, art fairs, portfolio review events, conferences, organizations, the workshop community, the arts and academia. Throughout the quarter the topics of how to present your work as an artist and outlets for getting your work on the art market are discussed. Venues for documentary photographers are covered. All aspects of presenting your work to the public outside of commercial job venues are presented. The Art Fair, the gallery relationship, working with curators, exhibition opportunities, building your artist resume, attending graduate school and many other topics surrounding being successful as a photographic artist.

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