Sunday, February 14, 2016

Spring 2016 Photography ARTH elective

ARTH 493/793
Visiting Scholar/Curator:
Issues in Curatorial Studies
Course Format : Seminar
Professor Holly Goldstein

Course Description
Recording Local Histories: The History and Visual Culture of Savannah and the Low Country will examine how Savannah’s history is typically shared with tourists, and consider whose histories have been left out or misrepresented. Topics of study will include a chronological history of Savannah, discussions of race and gender in the South, urban planning, and the cultural history of the Low Country region. The research, writing and documentation of local sites will be applicable to website and mobile site encounters with the history of Savannah. Class meetings will feature guest presentations by specialists in the history of Savannah and include several field trips to immerse the course experience in local history and lore.
Taught by both a visiting scholar/curator and a SCAD faculty member, this seminar is organized around the expertise of the visiting scholar/curator. Students read and discuss the visiting scholar/curator’s work and other work of comparable scope, scale or historical context. Through discussions, workshops, criticism and research projects, students work with the visiting scholar/curator to expand their critical understanding and the historical and cultural context of research projects or exhibitions.
Prerequisite: For UG Any 300-level ARLH/ARTH course.
For G Any 700-level ARLH/ARTH course or permission of the chair; apply via
MySCAD/Resources/Forms Channel, Registrar pull-down menu.

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