Thursday, January 31, 2013

Photography In Lacoste

Join us to find out how to spend a quarter in Lacoste taking courses that apply towards finishing your degree. Lacoste has been inspirational for artist and designers for years!

We are offering photography courses in Spring 2013. Come join us for one of the interest meetings next week.

Bergen Hall 100
Monday, February 4, 5:00pm

Bradley Hall 114
Tuesday, February 5, 3:00pm
Wednesday, February 6, 11:00am
Friday, February 8, 2:00pm

Gulfstream Studio A
Monday, February 4, 8:00pm
Tuesday, February 5, 4:45pm

Hamilton Hall 132
Wednesday, February 6, 4:30pm

Adler Hall 316
Friday, February 8, Noon

Gain a new perspective! Discover a new context!
Come learn how to take your work to the next level by spending time and studying in a locale that has inspired artists and designers throughout history.

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