Tuesday, November 8, 2011

for MFA students seeking teaching positions

Your First Search:
A Career Development Workshop for Studio Artists
Presented by Michael Aurbach, Professor of Art, Vanderbilt University
Tuesday, November 8, 7:30 pm
Alexander Auditorium

The workshop is designed to give MFA candidates in studio art a working knowledge of how to prepare their first search for a college-level teaching position. Even though the job market is tough, there is hope when a candidate has done proper research about the positions. Among the key topics to be covered are: CV construction, researching individual institutions, putting the application package together, and how to handle the CAA conference and interviews. Aurbach has unpublished and hard-to-find data that give a better picture of the marketplace.

Professor Aurbach earned his MFA from Southern Methodist University. He teaches sculpture and drawing at Vanderbilt University in Nashville TN. He is a past president of the College Art Association (2002-2004), the world’s largest organization of visual arts professionals, and he has lectured at more than 200 colleges, museums, and art institutions.

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