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Anti-Consumerism Art Contest

Anti-Consumerism Art Contest

Official start: November 1, 2011

The socio-political movement „Anti-Consumerism“ attracts more and more followers. At its heart it is a movement against the equating of personal happiness with consumption and the purchase of material possessions. Fueled by the current economic situation, activists occupy Wall Street, a young casual trader is able to lure BBC into a fake interview where he states, “I go to bed every night, I dream of another recession…. Its an opportunity to make money.” and forums for “creative critiques on consumerism" gain followers rapidly. All this happens in a world where some artists are able to create artworks that are instantly sold for euro amounts up to 7 digits.

How do young artists take on the social challenges of Anti-Consumerism in their works?

We are dedicating a special feature to the hot topic of Anti-Consumerism. The artist contest is purposely being launched during the biggest shopping months before the holidays.

We call out to all artists to participate in our Anti-Consumerism art contest.

What we expect from you

Think about the current shape of our society as a consequence of consumerism, about price wars to get the cheapest possible product, about advertising selling us the dreams that can only be attained by spending money, about the recent excesses in the financial and business worlds and about the billions of taxpayers money that is spent to clean up the mess when it all goes wrong. We also suggest that you ponder the hysteria generated by celebrity football players, pop and movie stars, as well as art stars.

Submit whatever artform you please: it can be photos, T-Shirts, Oil on canvas, collages, stencils, prints, or graffiti … this is an open contest with no pre judgments or category limits. 
If you are 18 years or older, you are welcome to participate. No diploma necessary – only your own creativity!

Face a professional jury as well as the public

There will be two winners of our contest, selected by two different juries:

A jury of professionals will select one winner in the standard procedure. The well known street artists ALIAS and PROST themselves will be part of the jury.
Our Facebook fans and our members will choose the other winner: they will vote for the best artwork in our voting gallery. A simple “like” will decide who will be able to present his or her art for two months at
We will announce both winners everywhere: in our blog, in our newsletter, on Facebook and with our media partners. Most importantly though, ArtCollectorsClub will feature the winners in an online event including an indepth artist’s presentation and the option to offer their artworks for sale online.
For more details look through our terms and conditions.

Any questions? Send us and email to

How to apply

Please send us your application by January 31, 2012 to
The application should contain
• a digital image of your artwork on the topic “Anti Consumerism”,
• a short description how your artwork fits the topic
• a short CV of you as an artist
• and images of 3-5 further artworks you have created.


Application deadline: January 31, 2012

Decision of the Jury: by February 10, 2012

Announcement of the winners: February 11, 2012

Online-Exhibition of the winners: February 20 - March 31, 2012

Why should you participate in yet another contest?

Of course, we can’t offer money in a contest about Anti Consumerism. We will offer something even better: we will dedicate the whole web presence to our winners for two whole months. We will feature those two artists in an online presentation / exhibition and give them all the public exposure they deserve. And on top of that: If you win you have the chance to exhibit in the Munich gallery, Radical Room. This is our way of contributing to young and emerging artists.

And now: have fun, be creative and send in your application!

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