Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Possibilities Deux, An Exhibit of Experimental Digital Printmaking

May 23-28, 2017
Opening Reception, May 26th
6-8:30 pm
Sulfur Studios
2301 Bull Street
Savannah, GA

This exhibit marks the first of hopefully many exhibits of work produced by the adventurous student artists who elect to throw the predictability of typical digital output out the window and challenge the idea of what physical digital output might be.

This is not work that easily happens. It does not come with any guarantee of success. If anything, it defines the old adage that "experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want!" The results that you are witness to in this exhibit are dense with experience. This is not work for those who expect predictable outcomes.

What you do see here is the result of hours and hours of investigation into materials and processes that create a new vocabulary for imaging. As important as the physical pieces in this exhibit are what is more telling is the mindset that evolves from the work. The show’s title is a reference to my late mentor Jean-Pierre Sudre and my experience translating for him during visits to his studio in Lacoste with my Provence photography workshops and off-campus SCAD programs. Whenever Jean-Pierre would explain technical matters he would rarely say “and now you must do this!”. Instead he would offer “et maintenant on a plusieurs possibilit├ęs!”.

And now we have many possibilities.

Craig Stevens

March 2017

Savannah, Georgia

My thanks to the courageous students who tackled the challenge of immersing themselves in the unpredictability of this aspect of the photographic medium with the goal of mounting this exhibit. You are very special people.

My thanks also to Lyn Bonham, Jon Horey, Carson Sanders, Steve Bliss and the remarkable faculty of the SCAD Photography Department for their help with this exhibit specifically and their excellence in general.

When you are close to something it is very easy to take it for granted.


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