Monday, May 29, 2017

Classes Fall 2017

Consider the following classes for fall 2017. The following two classes are fabulous classes to take either as required classes for some of you or as electives especially if you are unsure about your career choices.

The Professional Practices for Fine Art Photography may be substituted for PHOT 400 if you are still on the old catalogue year. You will need to complete a waiver of prerequisite form stating in the comments that your career choices lean more towards this class and that I recommended you take the course.

Photojournalism, Media and Culture is a great course about the photo-essay and leaning all the areas of importance for students interested in documentary/photojournalisk and the relevant ethics involved. It is exciting and we talk a lot about making strong photographs with significant meaning. The prerequisite may be waived. Students on the new curriculum in the documentary tract are required to take this course. It is ONLY OFFERED FALL QUARTERS.

PHOT 403 Professional Practices for Fine Art Photography, Providing students with a comprehensive introduction to accepted practices in the marketing of fine art photography, this course takes a multifaceted approach to professional art business concerns. Course topics include how to approach galleries, portfolio-reviewing events, legal considerations, collectors, museum practices, portfolio preparation and self-promotion.  TR 11-1:30      Questions contact

Important topics covered throughout the quarter; juried shows, larger competitions, prizes/award nominations, exhibiting, commercial galleries/gallery representation, artist representation, the non-profit/community space, artist and residencies, copyright, publish a book, self-publishing, the curator, museum work, framing/exhibition materials. biennials, art fairs, portfolio review events, conferences, organizations, the workshop community, the arts and academia. Throughout the quarter the topics of how to present your work as an artist and outlets for getting your work on the art market are discussed. Venues for documentary photographers are covered. All aspects of presenting your work to the public outside of commercial job venues are presented. The Art Fair, the gallery relationship, working with curators, exhibition opportunities, building your artist resume, attending graduate school and many other topics surrounding being successful as a photographic artist.

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Fall 2017 Take PHOT 337 Photojournalism, Media and Culture, MW 11-1:30
This course provides an opportunity for the advanced photography major who is interested in pursuing a career in visual communication to deal with the skills, theory, ethics and contemporary issues of newspaper and magazine photojournalism. Students work collaboratively and individually on a quarter-long newsworthy assignment that reflects a topic relevant to current issues in the community. Students produce a complete portfolio based on the chosen topic and present the work to the community in a final exhibition. Through the investigation and visual exploration of a story pertinent to the local or regional community, students are made more aware of the link between photojournalism, the media and culture. Prerequisite(s): PHOT 324. Questions contact Rebecca Nolan,

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Andrew "Doc" Nevins said...

I highly recommend PHOT 403 Professional Practices for Fine Art Photography it is an amazing class and really digs down into the information you'll need to navigate the Fine Art side of our vocation.


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