Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Alternative Processes: Handmade call for entry

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© Dan Burkholder

As beautiful as a fine inkjet print can be, one thing is missing: the hand of the artist.
For this exhibition we’re asking for hand-made images, made on a traditional silver emulsion or any substrate that has been hand-coated with light-sensitive material. This includes platinum/palladium, cyanotype, Vandyke, salt, Kallitype, photogravure, tintype, Daguerreotype, Polaroid transfer, encaustic … the list goes on.  The “print” can be on paper or any other substrate that brings life to a photographic image. The key is not so much the process, but the involvement of the hand of the artist.
Juror: Dan Burkholder
Deadline: February 27, 2017
Exhibition prints deadline: March 31, 2017
Gallery exhibition: April 12 – May 6, 2017

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