Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Aint-Bad Magazine A Publishing project in Savannah, GA by Aint-Bad Magazine

About this project

We Are Historians...

Aint-Bad Magazine is a quarterly photographic art journal focusing on images that explores human existence, culture, and contemporary issues.

Aint-Bad was created in March of 2011 by five SCAD photography students (Taylor Curry, James Jackman, Caroline McElhinny, Caitlin Moore and Carson Sanders) who are passionate about supporting work made by emerging photographers. In our minds, photography is man’s best tool for documentation, we are interested in photographic works that have a voice and reach beyond the surface of the photograph.

We love printed matter and you should too! It is important for us to remain as a print magazine. We are interested in the dialog that is created between the viewer and the magazine held in hand. There is an undeniable difference between looking at a printed image and looking at a photograph in the form of pixels on a screen. A magazine is personal and intimate. Each page is like the walls of a gallery, carefully planned and curated, an opportunity to reflect upon the conversation of visual language. Our magazine is an affordable way to look at photographs they way that they were intended, in print.

The previous issues have been funded by our five editors. For this next issue we would like to print an edition of 500. We need your help to support and expand this vision and to bring to a wider audience the images, issues and commentary of some of today's best emerging photographers.

Our first issue, released June 2011, We Are Here, was a bit of a play on words. It meant that Aint-Bad Magazine had arrived but also that the issue focused on the point to which humanity has come. This issue sold out of its edition of 100.

This project will only be funded if at least $3,000 is pledged by Thursday Feb 2, 3:17pm EST.

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