Tuesday, September 14, 2010

LaGrange Museum Call for Entries

Calling all photographers/videographers:

Through Fresh Eyes

A New Look at the LaGrange Art Museum

A Digital Media Competition

Sponsored by Emory Clark-Holder Clinic

The LaGrange Art Museum invites all creative thinkers to break out your cameras and break out of the box for an interesting challenge. As an innovative and forward thinking museum, we are looking for striking digital media images of the Museum itself! LAM is holding a competition to capture the essence of its identity. “Through Fresh Eyes” is an opportunity for the Museum to be reflected through the eyes of those who see it the most, the community.

The LaGrange Art Museum has undergone significant changes over the last several months and is beginning to take on a new identity. We have a new director, some new teachers, and a new look through fresh eyes at an old building with a lot of new things to say.

We want you to take pictures, digital videos, or create digital media images that capture the identity of the LaGrange Art Museum.

This historic landmark, located at 112 Lafayette Parkway in LaGrange was built in 1892 and served as the Troup County Jail. It has also functioned as a furniture store and offices to the LaGrange Daily News. In 1978 it was donated by the Callaway Foundation to the CVAA (Chattahoochee Valley Art Association) and was turned into the Chattahoochee Valley Art Museum in 1990. And in 2007 the name changed to the LaGrange Art Museum. As you can see this location has had many faces and we want you to capture what you see in the LAM ‘Through Fresh Eyes.’

Images should be submitted in digital format and can be taken with any digital camera, video camera, cell phone, computer, iPod, Polaroid, disposable camera, etc, as long as the entry is in digital format. To enter, upload your digital file to the LaGrange Art Museum’s Facebook Page in the Through Fresh Eyes album or upload your videos to the video tab. All images must be submitted no later than October 1, 2010. Make sure to include your name, age and hometown.

The image can be as straight forward or as abstracted as you can make it. All entries will circulate as the LaGrange Art Museum’s Facebook profile picture for all the world to see! All entries will be displayed as a temporary exhibit on October 16 at the VAAL opening through December 31 at LAM and the CCL. A panel will decide three winners of the ‘Through Fresh Eyes’ competition whose entries will be awarded a home in the LAM Permanent Collection! Additionally, those three images, plus nine more, will be awarded a prestigious placement in the new Emory Clark-Holder Clinic Calendar.

If you’re wondering how to approach the subject matter in an interesting way, come inside the LAM and be inspired by “Elements of Architecture: From Form and Function to Place and Vernacular” that opens August 14. This show will look at several key elements in architecture, including form and function; vision and process; and place and vernacular. Work will be pulled from the LAM Permanent Collection and newly archived material on the LAM building will be presented alongside contextual didactic labels.

For more information, contact Maribeth Crocker at Maribeth.crocker@lagrangeartmuseum.org

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