Thursday, November 5, 2015

New Studio Elective, No Prerequisites, added to the winter 2016 schedule!

PHOT 106 Personal Imaging: Cellphones and Mobile Devices, MW 2-4:30 Bergen Hall 407

Course Description: Photographs from phones and tablets now play a major role in social media and everyday communication. While everyone knows how to use these cameras, relatively few of those doing so make images of clarity and sophistication. This course focuses on making incisive, intelligent and well-composed photographs with mobile devices. It also covers all aspects of the technology, including apps, in-camera processing, computer postproduction, video technology, printing and social media usage. Students will gain a historic and practical understanding of cellphone camera hardware and its use in creating viable images. Students will examine photographic composition and communication. Students will explore a variety of image-altering software made for the cellphone camera. Students will learn to download, store, edit and print from cellphone camera files.
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