Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"Myself A Memory," Exhibition of work by Tobia Makover (M.F.A. photography, 2001)

Tobia Makover (M.F.A. photography, 2001) is exhibiting over 600 of her images in a pop-up installation curated by artist and professor, Marcus Kenney (M.F.A. photography, 1998). "Makover is a fine art photographer and mixed media artist whose work creates intrigue through timeless and emotive imagery. Each piece starts with a photograph, the soul of her work. Makover then encompasses many layers of medium that she paints, carves, torches and then preserves in wax and resin through an encaustic process that dates back to the 1st Century, BCE." Visit her website at www.tobiamakover.com.

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