Thursday, August 4, 2016

Call for Entry, Georgia National Fair

The Georgia National Fair has issued a call for entry for the photography competition this fall. The deadline is September 8, 2016. Please register online at 

The dominant subject in the image should fit one of the following categories:

  • People: Portrait of a single person or a group of people. 
  • Places: Architecture and Landscapes, Street Scenes (street scenes must include name of town or city). 
  • Things: Inanimate objects, includes still life 
  • Animals and Insects: Any member of the animal kingdom that is not human 
  • In the Garden: Living plants, trees, flowers 
  • Fun!: Image should project the idea of fun – amusement, enjoyment, lighthearted pleasure. 
  • I Spy – Georgia Fairs and Festivals: Images from any fair or festival in Georgia. Name of the event should be included on the back of the image. 
  • Dominant Color – Orange: The majority of the image should consist of the dominant color. We are looking for new and different images - more than just your average pumpkin field or bowl of oranges. Details – Macro: Extreme close-ups. Macro photography produces photographs of small items larger than life size. 
  • Anything Goes!: Photographer’s choice - your best photo. This category can also include altered images (explanation of alteration must be included on the back of the photo)
A title is required for each photo. Keep in mind that photos are judged on the image and not on the title. Long titles will not be as easily read when your photo is displayed, as the type will be smaller. NOTE: "Untitled" is not an acceptable title.

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