Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mark Dorf Kickstarter Campaign

Help alum, Mark Dorf, publish his book, Translations, with, alum owned, Aint-Bad Magazine. The book features two of his series, //_PATH and Emergence, and a wonderful essay by Jonathan Blaustein. Dorf is asking for help with the cost of publishing though Kickstarter. Please consider making a donation! Tons of great rewards -- or if you can't make a donation right now, consider sharing the link! 


The landscape is a familiar place to everyone whether you grew up climbing trees, you’ve summited Mount Everest, or if you prefer to look at it from afar  – everyone has some connection to the area that exists outside of our major urban centers. I find the landscape to be the perfect platform to develop and reveal complex and abstract ideas because of this familiarity. The landscape invites the viewer into familiar space that then allows for further exploration of the altered world that I have provided for them.
TRANSLATIONS is a photo book published by Aint–Bad that includes two series, //_PATH and Emergence. //_PATH examines how contemporary technology affects the ways in which we see and interact with our surroundings in our day to day – how does our infinite connectivity change and transform the way in which we see and understand our environment? Emergence, created while an artist in residence at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, looks at the way we use science to translate our world into quantifiable parts to better understand the whole of our existence.
Where these two bodies of work come together is that they both dissect translations of our world. The photograph that you see on your personal device is not the actual moment that is being pictured, it is an abstracted and limited version made for your record. The data sets that have been accrued over the passed forty years by the devoted ecologist, is not the landscape from which it was mined, but rather a numerical version of it. It is only through these abstractions though, whether that is through consumer technology or complex scientific data collection, that we are able to reveal new information that would otherwise go unseen to the human eye.
Please visit for more information and to make a donation.

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