Monday, June 27, 2016

REAL-PHOTO Call for Entries

Sponsored by FotoFocus, REAL-PHOTO is one of two companion exhibitions to be produced by Manifest to explore theFotoFocus Biennial theme "Photography, The Undocument".

From photography’s earliest inception into the culture at large, there was a recognition of both the artistic and scientific potentials of the medium. Within the art camp there was a push to validate photography’s role as ART by producing photographs that emulated the High Art of painting and drawing, peaking (possibly) with the Pictorialism Movement. At the opposite end were those who saw photography as a tool for ‘straight’, objective, representation—celebrating the photograph’s inherent characteristics as unique and valid in their own right.

This exhibit seeks works that are made through the photographic process exclusively, but which appear to not be photographic in nature, at least at first glance. While we are eager to discover just what artists are making that could qualify, we imagine submissions could include, but not be limited to, manipulated film, photograms, abstracted digital photographic imagery, direct emulsion exposure, photo-transfers, historical and alternative processes, and the like.

The two companion exhibitions presented by Manifest for the FotoFocus Biennial each explore the biennial-wide concept from different aspects of 'undocument' or 'untruth'. Real-photo takes the common media involved in photography but presents resulting artwork that one may not suspect is photographic in nature, further expressing the boundaries of everyday assumptions, and cultural memes. Photo-real takes non-photographic media and reveals how it can do many of the same things as photography, deepening the consideration of the 'undocumented'. (The call for works for Photo-REAL can be found here.)

Real-photo calls for artists to submit works in any photographic media. There is no limitation on subject matter for this project. However, works must appear to be non-photographic in nature.

The opening reception for this exhibit will be the kick-off event for Manifest's 13th season, and will coincide with the community-wide Walk on Woodburn, and the month-long region-wide FotoFocus Biennial. Five gallery spaces at Manifest will feature work in this exhibit, the companion Real-photo exhibition of photography, and more.

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