Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Winter Electives

Exciting Electives to look into Winter 2016

PHOT 306 Photographic Imaging for the Web, Students are afforded the opportunity to communicate through the medium of photographs on the Web and obtain skills that have proven productive in the marketplace. Emphasis is placed on acquiring Web design proficiency through appropriate use of software and image editing tools. Image formatting possibilities are investigated, along with aesthetic/functional aspects of site navigation, design, sequence and consistency. Prerequisite(s): CMPA 100. MW 11-1:30 Bergen Hall 101 questions contact ldarling@scad.edu

PHOT 314 Controlled Lighting II, This elective photography lighting class will build on the basics introduced in Controlled Lighting I. An emphasis will be placed on advanced lighting controls as they apply to on-location and studio environments. Students will expand their skills with pro camera systems, industry standard capture software and post-production workflows. Exercises that explore techniques for using mixed light sources, portable studio equipment and available light will complement the creation of a final portfolio that will demonstrate the student's ability to control and manipulate light to achieve professional results. Students will gain professional skills from being exposed to advanced camera systems and industry standard capture software.
 Students will gain hands on professional post-production skills as they are applied in the work place.
 Students will create a cohesive portfolio that reflects the student's ability to control light in a professional manner. Students will maintain a cohesive portfolio reflecting a personal aesthetic and a technical competence with controlled lighting.
MW 2-4:30 Bergen Hall 308 Questions contact tkeating@scad.edu

PHOT 403 Professional Practices for Fine Art Photography, Providing students with a comprehensive introduction to accepted practices in the marketing of fine art photography, this course takes a multifaceted approach to professional art business concerns. Course topics include how to approach galleries, portfolio-reviewing events, legal considerations, collectors, museum practices, portfolio preparation and self-promotion. Prerequisite(s): PHOT 219. This course may be substituted for PHOT 400 Business Practices or used as an elective.                                    MW 2-4:30 Bergen Hall 206     Questions contact rnolan@scad.edu

Important topics covered throughout the quarter; juried shows, larger competitions, prizes/award nominations, exhibiting, commercial galleries/gallery representation, artist representation, the non-profit/community space, artist and residencies, copyright, publish a book, self-publishing, the curator, museum work, framing/exhibition materials. biennials, art fairs, portfolio review events, conferences, organizations, the workshop community, the arts and academia. Throughout the quarter the topics of how to present your work as an artist and outlets for getting your work on the art market are discussed. Venues for documentary photographers are covered. All aspects of presenting your work to the public outside of commercial job venues are presented. The Art Fair, the gallery relationship, working with curators, exhibition opportunities, building your artist resume, attending graduate school and many other topics surrounding being successful as a photographic artist.

PHOT 405 The Photographic Book, In this course, each student photographs a specific subject. The resulting images are edited and sequenced to create a hand-constructed book. Prerequisite(s): PHOT 220, PHOT 240. TR 11-1:30 Bergen Hall 206 questions jcori@scad.edu

PHOT 410 Advertising Photography I This studio course focuses on advertising photography, introducing students to a career-relevant, specialized marketplace. Participants research different genres of advertising and then create solutions to image-driven assignments, working with a variety of lighting/camera set-ups. Prerequisite(s): PHOT 214. TR 2-4:30 Bergen Hall 308 questions gceo@scad.edu

PHOT 426 Photography and New Media This explorative course covers contemporary art practice in photography and related media including intersections of video, performance, sound, text and sculpture. Interactive software is explored and contemporary equipment, such as laser cutters and 3D printers, allow unique possibilities for production, exhibition and distribution of creative photographs. Presented information on the history of the media, formal and conceptual strategies engage students in critical thinking about this brave new realm. Prerequisite(s): PHOT 319. TR 11-1:30 Bergen Hall 208 questions jjalbert@scad.edu

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