Saturday, October 19, 2013

Photography Electives for non major graduate students

PHOT 501 Survey: Photography
Examining the photographic medium from invention through contemporary uses and practices, this comprehensive survey course discusses the most important and influential movements of photography as it is used as a cultural force, a means of personal expression, and an aesthetically-based medium. Questions email Josh Jalbert-

PHOT 502 Photographic Technique and Signification
Examining a range of techniques applicable to the medium of photography, this course is a combination of demonstrations, lectures, assignments, and critiques with an emphasis on the unification of technical choices and individual conceptual interests.
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PHOT 503 Photography Portfolio Process

Developing a portfolio that demonstrates a coherent vision, personal aesthetic, and excellence in craft is the emphasis of this course. Students will receive and participate in intensive critique of individual, self-directed, artistic projects in preparation for later graduate reviews. The course is designed to help students to successfully define, develop, and edit a visually cohesive and formally sound body of work that makes evident the student’s personal aesthetic.
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