Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lexus Design Award

Lexus Design Award
The Lexus Design Award is an international design competition targeting the next generation of innovators around the world. It provides an opportunity for young innovators to showcase their works while receiving feedback from world renowned professionals in the area of design. Lexus welcomes designers from all fields, such as architecture, product design, and fashion. The last day to submit designs is on October 15th.
Two winners will work with a famous designer as a mentor to create prototypes of their designs, which will be exhibited at Lexus Design Amazing 2014 in Milan (a Lexus exhibition space) during Milan Design Week 2014. Each winner will also receive up to $50,000 to cover prototype production cost.
For more details regarding the Lexus Design Award, please visit or please do not hesitate to call me directly at 310-468-2642.
fyi- also- it is not about designing a car;) and it's open to any media-
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