Friday, September 6, 2013

Associate Photo Editor Position

WebMD is looking for one Associate Photo Editor. This is a great chance for an ambitious, rock-star creative to get onboard with the most trusted brand in America (no kidding). The Editorial Content Development team is an amazing group of people who all tend to stay at WebMD for years - many have been here for over 10 years! It’s a great environment to hone one’s creative chops, with lots of opportunity for advancement within the organization. This is an entry-level position with a VERY competitive salary and great benefits.

Primary Duties
•Under direct supervision from Senior Photo Editor, manage, edit and produce daily thumbnails and other site images.
◦Fulfill daily thumbnail needs as requested in thumbnail database. Match compelling imagery with teasers and related editorial content.
◦Edit, adjust, crop images in Adobe CS to generate site ready images
◦Upload site-ready images to content management system.
◦Update same database with searchable records of fulfilled thumbnail arrays.

• Purchase, process and upload of site-ready images to content management system
◦Purchase and license photography from vendors.
◦Use Photoshop to color-correct, resize, crop, and optimize final, site-ready images.
◦Upload to content management system final site-ready images for assets such as slideshows, quizzes, assessments, recipes, and other page-view assets.

•Ingest into Digital Asset Manager all new sources images, for thumbnails and PV assets, and accurately input meta-data to ensure source images are searchable and reusable.

•Under direct supervision from Senior Photo Editor, assist with preliminary image research and editing for slideshows, interactive quizzes and assessments, and mobile apps.

Required skills
                * Working knowledge of Photoshop, Indesign and Microsoft Office (primarily Word)
                * Keen attention to detail (it’s a Web company so one mistake = broken link)
                * Time management skills
                * Ability to juggle multiple projects, albeit consistently the same types of projects.

Any prior experience working in a creative and/or production environment such as news, publishing, advertising, design, marketing, catalog, online publishing, stock photo or some such field that requires skill with imagery is a major plus. Previous graphic design experience or training is also a big plus.

Apply for this position through the SCAD Job Portal, which is located on the Career Success tab in MySCAD, If you haven't already signed up for the new portal, you should!

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