Monday, August 2, 2010

Rumble Art Fair Call for Entries

Rumble Art does a lot within the Santa Barbara art community to expand the art scene of southern and central coast California. Our biggest project, however is an annual art fair that
coincides with the Santa Barbara Film Festival. The great thing about Rumble is it's a really young organization that works with small and big names alike - both locally and globally. We're currently looking for artists from anywhere in the world who are fresh and as excited about art as we are.

For our 2011 Rumble fair, we're looking for contemporary work that incorporates and combines the power and place of the relationship between people/technology and nature in this modern world. We want work that approaches the world in a different way – created by artists who are able to build more than purely visual experiences—art that bridges the gap between objective and non objective ideas. We want to express the importance of expanding our minds; to revert back to the dreams and ideas that inspire our creations before concerns of practicality interfere. We want work that is unique in its ability to convey basic or complex emotions and thoughts without overcomplicating the execution. In the 2011 fair, we strive for a collection of multi-faceted, multi-media work that reminds us all, as lovers and creaters of art, of the limitless world of possibilities we live in.

To submit work you can simply click submit on this link to our art fair website :

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