Wednesday, July 1, 2015

SCAD MFA Candidate Alina Bliach to be Interviewed on Univision TV

Francisco, August 1994
"My heart now suffers because of a government that does not know what love is."

On July 4th, Univision TV journalist Victor J. Solano will interview SCAD elearning MFA candidate and Cuban-American,Alina Bliach to discuss her exhibition and book project "A Voyage of Many." For this series of environmental portraits, Bliach photographed Cuban-Americans who have emigrated to the United States in various waves: the children of the Peter Pan flights, the people of Camarioca, the Freedom Flights, the Mariel Boatlift, the people known as the Balceros, and the Immigration Visa Lottery winners.

The segment will appear during Aca Entre Nos, during the 11 o'clock pm news program Noticias 41. After the fireworks, tune in and celebrate the work of a fellow SCAD student and the resilient people she photographed.

For more on Bliach's work, see:

Check your local cable provider for the Univision channel.

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