Monday, February 2, 2015

Alumni News

Eliot Dudik, (M.F.A., photography, 2010) was recently featured in CNN online.

Last week Eliot generously spent time Skyping with Rebecca Nolan's Professional Practices and Art Marking class to discuss portfolio review events.

Eliot recently one the Photo NOLA Review Prize.
The award recipient is selected after a weekend of portfolio reviews with professionals in the field of photography. The professional reviewers rank the top portfolios at the end of the weekend. The winner is awarded a $1000 cash prize, consultation with Mary Virginia Swanson  and a solo exhibition the following year at the New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery.

From New Orleans Eliot traveled over 10,000 miles in an effort to complete the series Broken Land. 
While attending the Photo NOLA portfolio reviews Eliot met Molly Roberts who is a photographer, editor and curator, currently Chief Photography Editor at Smithsonian Magazine. That meeting led to Eliot posting to the Smithsonian Magazine Instagram feed for a week.

This fall Eliot was hired to start a new photography program and build a facility at William and Mary.
Eliot hosted an exhibition, Breaking Ground, featuring the works of 110 national and international artists. The exhibition was held to bring awareness of the new department to the greater William and Mary community. The exhibition was featured on LensScratch, The Southern Photographer blog and Indie Photo Book Library.

Image credit Jess Dugan

At the end of the exhibition and on Halloween, the images were burned. The ashes have been contained to eventually be exhibited in a place on honor in the new photography department. You can see the images from the exhibition and burning at Eliot's Instagram.

In December Eliot's work was exhibited at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.

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