Thursday, September 22, 2011

Photo Group

Photo Group is now on FACEBOOK.

The PhotoGroup News Letter!

In case you missed the meeting, or can't remember what we said.

(Beacuse sometimes when the pizza wears off our brains wander...)


Here at Photogroup we really like 3 things; Photography, Community, and Pizza. and because of our immense affection we’ve set out on a mission. A mission to combine all of these things into a trifecta based supergroup of awesomeness. A supergroup that has the power to promote its members and bolster the education of photography at our school.

Photogroup is comprised of students just like you. All majors are part of this community. Because what’s collaboration without diversity? So share some links on our wall and talk with us about Photography. You’ll even get some free pizza along the way. Because we realize with just a little friendliness together we can make something really cool.

We meet every other tuesday in Bergen (signs posted for what room we'll be in around the lobby). Our next meeting is 10/4. Don't miss it!

Secondly, WHAT DO WE DO?

PhotoGroup provides: A community for photographers at SCAD, gallery shows (2 a year), online promotion, artist lecture series, portfolio reviews, and demonstrations.

PhotoGroup <3 's Collaboration!

PhotoGroup is NOT just for photography majors. Even one of our officers (Mark) is an Ad major. PhotoGroup has collaborated in the past with other clubs such as Fashion for cool shoots, networking, and all sorts of fun.


Not only friend us, but put things on our wall! Throw us ideas, tell people that you're selling equipment, find out what everyone else is up to. Plan to network and collaborate with other members....the possibilities are endless.

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