Saturday, June 25, 2011

MFA Alumna Joanna Knox to be Featured in SXSE Magazine

Launching July 1st, *South by Southeast* is a new online monthly and
in-print quarterly magazine that will bring you anything and everything
about photography in and of the Southeast. From galleries of work by our
established masters to interesting series by new emerging artists—you’ll be
covered. You will also see feature videos of the artists discussing their
work while bringing you into their studios, as well as beautiful imagery
they've created in motion.

Monthly columns include our favorite *Blogs and Books*; a forum called *Talk
* where you can do just that; the *Tech* column—authored by tech wizards;
gallery and museum reviews where you will know the who’s and where’s of what
makes southeastern photography so unique; a monthly in-depth Q and A with an
established photographer called "*20 Questions*," and a shorter but equally
compelling Q and A called "*5 Questions*" that address who, what, when,
where and why; a *Calendar of Events* so you can keep up with all the
openings, festivals and workshops in the region; and *Classifieds* where you
can find a ride to Fotofest or unload that old lens. Last but not least, *Last
Look* asks a different person each month to choose an iconic image of the
South and discuss what it means to her/him.

Along the way, we want to hear what you think. There is a comments section
with each article and the aforementioned *Talk* for photography discussions;
we will also offer submissions possibilities for subscribers.

In addition, we invite you to write to us with suggestions, ideas, tell us
what you’d like to see, etc. Our door is open, and we promise to listen.

*Issue One, launching July 1st, includes:*

* Images from *Shelby Lee Adams*'s new book* Salt and Truth, *released in
October by Candela Books.

* *20 Questions*—an interview with photographer *Jack Spencer* on his life
and work.

*  *5 Questions*—an interview with *Marilyn Suriani*, along with images from
her documentary work *Urban Renewal*.

*  *Anderson Scott*'s Civil War Re-enactors photography.

*  *Brandon Schulman*'s landscape photography.

*  J*oanna Knox*'s color photographs of the interiors of abandoned southern
farm houses.

*  *Dave Anderson*'s video: *William Eggleston.*

*  *LOOK3 Festival of the Photo*: reporting and images from this year’s
great festival.

*  Our featured museum: *Hampton University Museum*, located in Hampton,
Virginia and their exhibit, "*Corapeake: A Community on the Verge of Change*,"
photos and a documentary by *Kendall Messick*.

*  In *Books*, Victoria Amador talks with Bill Boling about his new fine art
publishing venture *Fall Line Press*, and the influence of the South upon
his work. Plus two of *Rob McDonald'*s books, *Cy's Rollei* and *Poplar

*  Video of *Larry Fink* discussing "*How Music Influences My Photography*."
Larry's images of jazz musicians in Memphis will appear in the Music Issue
in September 2011.

*  *David Halliday*'s *Still Lifes*.

Favorite blogs culled from wonderful southeastern writers and
 Plus!—*Talk*, where you can chat up someone on topics related to
photography; *Classifieds*, where you can unload that old lens; *Tech*,
where we will tell you about everything new and interesting; and finally, *Last
Look*, where you'll discover an iconic image and what it means to the

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