Thursday, April 15, 2010

Interesting info on Marketing your Photography with your iPhone

Marketing your Photography with your iPhone -- April 14 | By Photopreneur Editors | Posted in Business of Photography | Print This Post

(The following is adapted from 99 Ways to Make Money from Your Photos, by the editors of Photopreneur.)

With the iPhone, you can promote your photography anytime, anywhere. Meet someone at a party and tell them you’re a photographer, and when they ask you what you shoot, you’ll be able to whip out your phone and show them, explaining at the same time how you achieved the shot and why the images are important.

The easiest way to create an iPhone-based picture portfolio is to create a folder called “portfolio” on your computer, stuff it with your best photos and upload it to your iPhone. But that’s not going to be too impressive, and anyone you show it to will wonder why you’re walking around with your best images on your mobile phone.

That approach also only works if you have your iPhone in hand to show off your pictures — rather than simply directing your prospect to a Web site accessible from their own phone.

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